Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Counting Down...

I'm just 3 days away from something I've wanted nearly my entire adult life. Wow! What I'm having done is commonly referred to as a Mommy Makeover. I've received several emails and facebook queries, so I wanted to share a bit more about my doctor, and what he does... As I said before, I spent literally 5 years doing my due diligence. I wanted to be absolutely sure of both the doctor and the procedure. The doctor I chose was at the top of my list - #1, throughout my search. Why?

His work is amazing. As I searched before/after photos for the procedures I wanted, my doctor's work literally stood out from all the rest - his clients look natural, and fantastic. Other doctors' clients looked... worked on, if you know what I mean. It's very important to me that at the end of this, I look like me - not bimbo-barbie, lol. Not that there's anything wrong with someone choosing to look... bold - hey, I get it, I just don't want it for me.

His facility is impeccable.  He has his own surgical recovery facility, in addition to the surgical center. Part of his "package" is a 24-hour stay in the facility, so that the first crucial day post-surgery is spent under the care of trained medical personnel.

He is a perfectionist. I mentioned this yesterday. There is not a single detail he leaves to chance. Pre- and post-surgery have a complete regimen of nutrition and supplementation (which of course, speaks to my Nutritionist-heart). Additionally, because he takes control of every aspect, all the little things, like the post-surgical garments, salves, balms, etc - are all included in the package. I was handed a bag at my last appointment and inside was everything I'll need!

He has a heart. My doctor supports a charity called 1 for 1 Medical. When someone books and pays for a surgical procedure, my doctor donates and performs a Cleft Palate surgery to someone who could not otherwise have it.

Were there any drawbacks to my doctor? 
Price was definitely a factor. He is not inexpensive, but this is absolutely a case of You get what you pay for. His record is clean - pristine, even. His clients are thrilled with the results. And he is personally invested in the success of each procedure and recovery - after all, each one is a testament to his skill. So yes, he's more expensive - there are other doctors who charge less (some significantly less), but as important as this is to me, as permanent as the results will be, I will not cut corners on something this vital.

Other drawbacks - ok, I'm gonna be both honest and a girl here... Dude is young and hot! Lol. Why is this a drawback? Seriously? Do you know how hard it is to drop the robe in front of a guy to begin with? Then, add in the hotness factor and one's own body-insecurities... yeah, very awkward.  He laughed this last time when I hesitated to open my robe - "It's nothing I haven't seen before," he said. "Yeah, well you may see it all the time, but I don't show it all the time," I replied. My poor husband didn't know whether to chuckle or groan. At least I didn't have to go through the mortifying photo-process again! That will mess with your head - talk about shining a spotlight on every insecurity I have! Yeesh!

Ok, so now, all that said, who is my doctor? Dr. Robert Cohen. If you're interested in surgery, I encourage you to first - do your due diligence, and second - check out Dr. Cohen. Of course, that's all after you've done everything in your power to change your body ;-)
Dr. Robert Cohen


Want a story about the first time my hubby and I met with Dr. Cohen? 

This was back in 2008, before I reached goal weight (I was nearly there). I booked a consult, and we showed up with a whole list of questions. The hubby and I were both stunned by Dr. Cohen's youth, but his expertise was apparent. He was very professional, very analytical, and a bit intimidating. During the conversation, he turned to my husband and asked what were his thoughts... Bill said, "well, we've spent a lot of time on your website, and those of other doctor's, and by far - yours are the best boobs."

Dr. Cohen looked blank for a moment, then, with an absolutely straight face, reached up, grabbed and squeezed his pecs and said, "Thank you, I've worked very hard on them."  

O.M.G. I about fell out of my chair laughing. All right, I thought, not only does he know his stuff, but he's got a sense of humor. ;-)  I knew I wanted to continue doing what I could to change my body - reach goal weight, and maintain it, hone it through diet and exercise. I wanted to do everything in my power before I had surgery. No shortcuts. But I knew now that I would be safe and comfortable in Dr. Cohen's care. Four years later, I am even more sure.

And now... I'm counting down the days! Just three to go! Woot!!


  1. Holy crap, THERE'S HOPE!!! I was starting to feel like no matter how hard I work, I'll never be where I want to be because of the stuff I can't change but now I see that I CAN CHANGE IT! Someday, a long time from now, I can fix these issues and finally experience the differences I really want! For now, IT'S YOUR TURN! YOU GO GIRL! I'm so happy for you!

  2. That is awesome! I am completely excited for you!! Um, yeah, he is hot, lol!!!
    Good luck lady!!

  3. Absolutely awesome! And take the time to do nothing but heal! You will heal better, and your shoulder I imagine will benefit. And thanks for that awesome enchiquiche recipe, its on my short list!

  4. Chelle, So happy you're able to do this! I know you've worked really hard over the years and if you could've accomplished another way you would have done it. I'm in a very similar situation and will follow your process and see if I think I could do this. I'm more afraid of the surgery than anything and handling the down time...like you I don't like to sit still! :)

    Thank you so much for always being open with us and sharing your experiences. Even though a lot of people don't post, know that they are reading your blog and taking something away from it to use in their own life.

    I'll be thinking of you and want to wish you all the best!!!!!!!

  5. You're so lucky Chelle - LOL! All the best in reaching your goal - Keep it up girl!