Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday? Where'd the week go???

How is it friday? This has been a crazy, upside down, full of surprises week. How about you? ;-)

Let me tell you what happened this morning - I was getting ready for work, sucking down coffee, putting on makeup, when I thought, "hmmmm, I have a shoulder appt next week... wonder if it's any better."  One way to find out... I dropped to the floor to try out a pushup. You might remember that the last time I did this I couldn't even do a single one - crushing defeat for me. Well - not only did I do a pushup, I did 4 before my brain kicked in and screamed, "STOP!!! don't screw it up now!!!!"  Lol! I know that 4 pushups is not huge - I used to be able to do tons! But since this injury, that's been one of my barometers of healing - and evidently ... I am healing! At last!!!! Woooooohoooo!!!!!!!!!

Date night tonight - the hubby and I are heading out to see the Scorpions & Tesla in concert ;-) Woot! We saw Scorps several years ago and they were as fabulous as they were back in our day, lol. We're really looking forward to tonight!

I have more news to share, but have to wait just a wee bit longer ;-)

Happy Weekend!! :-)


  1. Yay Chelle! And I was thinking that too that you better take it easy on that shoulder, but way cool that you got 4 out! Have fun at date night (love the Scorp and have them on my MP3 player for when I do my weights)!!

  2. Hooray! So glad your shoulder is healing!!

  3. Glad to hear that you are healing and making progress. Keep it up but don't overdo it