Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Finally Gonna Happen...

Throughout my blogging years, I have been very honest about a specific aspect of my weight loss journey - loose skin. Despite losing weight slowly and steadily, despite eating clean and becoming fit, I was left with loose skin in several places. There is nothing I can do about it. No amount of exercise or clean eating will get rid of it. When I competed in my first Figure Competition, this was truly brought home to me - remember how we had to glue my loose skin into my suit bottom? You can actually see it in the picture to the right, where it started to crawl back up, lol.  

Bottom line, I've gone as far as I can, the rest will have to be surgically fixed. 

Well, the time has come. This friday I am scheduled for a 6am check-in, and 7:30am surgery. I am excited and terrified all at the same time. I am extremely comfortable with my surgeon - my due diligence took 5 years, and I kept coming back to him as my first choice. I knew he was a perfectionist, but let me tell you... when I booked the surgery, I found out just how much of a perfectionist, lol! I am on a special vitamin regimen, I have a list of foods, medications and supplements that are banned (3 pages long!), and I have such incredibly specific instructions that there is no room for misunderstandings! I've had tons of blood drawn and imaging done in the last week! This doctor's work stands out far above the rest, and now I know why - he leaves NOTHING to chance! Good news is I'm evidently very healthy with a stellar diet - hahaha! ;-) They laughed when my answer to "what's your diet like?" resulted in a url...

So I've stocked the fridge with surgery/recovery friendly foods, Bill and the kids will be handling the house while I'm recovering (lordy, lordy!), and this has moved into my bedroom...
Evidently, I'll be pretty much living in that chair for the next 2 weeks. Good thing it's so comfy! ;-) Just out of the picture are a stack of DVD's (Alias, all 5 seasons; Witchblade - complete series), and my knitting - if my arms can take it.  In my bedroom fridge (yes, I have a mini fridge in my room, on top of it is a coffee pot - cuz I truly don't roll out of bed without coffee) I have greek yogurt, mineral water, and water - I also have several Amy's and Pacific Natural's soups stashed upstairs so the kids don't swipe them before I need them ;-)  The kids have informed me they'll be caring for me when I come home from the recovery facility - should I be worried that I'll wake up with sharpie drawings on me? Hmmmm....

Another benefit to this? My shoulder is definitely healing - which means I want to go use it. Cuz I'm smart and over-achieving like that, LOL! (yes, that's sarcasm - he he he).  Recovering from this means more enforced rest that my shoulder can only benefit from. And when I'm cleared to get back in the gym... look out! ;-) WootWoot!


  1. Wow, that is great news!! I remember you talking about the surgery option for the excess skin you're concerned about and I'm glad it's finally becoming a reality for you. No one can tell you that you haven't tried everything else, and the fact that you're taking this step to continue to create the body you want is amazing. No need for me to gush about how fantastic I think it is that you are in such control over every controllable aspect of your life (diet, physique, attitude, etc.) but it's hard not to.

    Anyway, I'm very happy for you and I think this is exciting stuff! I hope your recovery period will include a lot of relaxation... which you deserve. All 5 seasons of Alias will help with that. And Witchblade... well, have fun with that ;)

    Love & miss you!

  2. Very cool for you! I have no doubts that you will have a speedy recovery just as you had with your knee surgery. Can't wait to see the final product...if you're willing to share, that is!

    Good Luck and Happy Healing!

  3. Best wishes for an easy recovery! I had a tummy tuck 1.5 years ago. It was the best decision ever. I highly recommend the forums at Lots of lovely ladies who are going through similar procedures.

  4. Best of luck with your procedure. It sounds like you have done your homework and it will go well for you. Take care. And keep us posted!

  5. OMGOOOOOOOSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!! I'm soooooooo excited for you!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT to hear about the results!!! That's fabulous and you deserve it! And I wanna see as much as you'll be willing to show! Congrats!