Thursday, July 26, 2012

5-Week Update!

So here we are in week 5 post-op - Wow! I am moving much better, more freely and fluidly, well, as fluid as klutzy-me gets, lol! My incisions are looking better and better. I can wear all my clothes and have only minor discomfort along the lower incision (jeans rub a bit on the incision). I had a slight hiccup in the last couple days - more my crazy-brain than my body. WARNING - I'm about to get graphic - if you don't want to read it, check out Tuesday's Recipe of the Week ;-)
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We got a few pretty good haboob's (I honestly thought my kids made up that word, until I heard it on the news!) this last week in AZ and the wind kicked up my allergies -  
Scottsdale Haboob, July 2012.
then I started getting headaches, then feeling achy - mostly in my neck, then in my incisions I had a couple spots that got red and angry looking - and then they began to discharge (sorry to be gross, but like a large infected pimple). Ewww! Scary! Then (because there had to be more, right?) my left bicep tendon totally inflamed. My imagination started churning up all kinds of scenarios - rampant infection running through my body, Staph, MRSA, Brain Fever - Yeah, I'm that ridiculous. 

I don't go in for my check up until August 14, but the hubby kicked my butt and told me to get it checked out. I took a bunch of photos and emailed everything - plus all my symptoms - over to the doctor. They called me up and had me come in. My heart was fluttering - stomach jittering - total panic was just a breath away.

The doctor came in with Mary (who's been AWESOME). At Dr. Cohen's direction, I opened my gown and held my breath. Their eyes widened, Mary gasped, "Wow!", and I thought - Oh gawd! It's bad, isn't it? They're going to fall off, right??  [No, I'm not the least bit dramatic - why would you think that?? ;-)]  Dr. Cohen said, "You look fantastic! You're healing great!"  

I... am? But... wait, huh?

"So.... what's going on with these?" I asked, indicating the spots that had inflamed and become giant zit-monsters. "No biggie, just an ingrown hair down here and up here a bit of stitch material making it's way out. It'll pass quickly."  He opened up and drained the lower one, and picked and prodded the spots on my breasts and that was it. 

Oh. My new boobs aren't gonna fall off? My lower incision isn't going to open up and dump out my intestines? Too many horror movies, I know. 

Dr. Cohen was thrilled with my progress - so much so that we did my after photos yesterday instead of 3-weeks from now! And... he's going to put my before/afters (minus my head, lol) up on the website in the mommy-makeover section! Woot! Everything is as it should be, and I'm cleared! I wear the girdle-thingy (think spanks) for another week, then I'm good to go! I don't even have to go back for that August 14 check-up! 

So what about all the other symptoms? Unrelated. I have a sinus problem from the haboob, which is why my neck hurts (no MRSA here!), and my bicep tendon and shoulder joint are inflamed because I have arthritis, I'm old and falling apart, and that's what it does, lol. I've started back on the Wobenzyme, and all my joint supplements and we'll get that inflammation under control. I started a sinus medication, too. And today, all my little scary spots look significantly less scary ;-)  Whew!

I cannot begin to tell you how very happy I am with my results. My little feverish-brain episode aside, lol, my physical recovery is amazing! It took me four years to get here - tons of research (and saving, lol). But every step of this process has proven to me that I made the right decision. Dr. Cohen, Mary, Bri, Cassy - have all been incredible. The surgery, the post-op recovery center, my own recovery at home, the availability of the staff and Dr. Cohen... it's all been above and beyond anything I could have expected.

And the best part? I look like a girl ;-) hehehe!!


  1. Chelle - I am so so very happy for you! You have worked your ass off (literally). Your I'm a girl comment reminded me of Death Becomes Her after Meryl Streep drank that serum. :) I wish it were that easy. I need to have an abdominoplasty. I'm a lot older than you and have dropped 57 pounds and every day I make the mistake of looking down when I'm in plank position and there is that skin - just hanging there. If I stretch it, I see amazing abs. One day hopefully. Enjoy your beautiful new body! SO think you might compete one more time?

    1. Hi! Thanks :-D
      When I was training for the last competition, I just a few weeks away and really tight and lean... I was doing plank and the same thing you described - I looked down and saw that floppy mass of loose skin. I had to work hard to keep my head in the right place. When it came time to put me on stage, we actually glued my loose skin down into the suit!
      My goal is to absolutely compete again! I've got to get past these injuries, but that's my plan! :-D

  2. Chelle, I love reading your weekly recipes and life - funny stories. I am glad to hear you are recovering nicely from your surgery. It seems like it is flying by, although I am an innocent by stander I can only imagine that it feels like a lifetime. I make yopur egg muffins every week an use them for those mornings after my weights an before my bike ride they are perfect. I thought I was following your recipe but in true fashion of thinking I know a recipe after making it once I have come to realize I have tweeked it a bit. It is still all clean but I omitt some stuff and use less egg whites an so on. So my question is How do you get the nutritional info for your recipes? I can only assume you take all the ingredients an break themm all done an divide by the amounts you have made? This seems tedious. If you have a better way I would love to hear it. I make alot of things on my own an insist on cooking a lot for my family, wether they like what I make or not. My 12 and 9yr old get a little tired of mom's " healthy" stuff as for my husband as long as it's made and he doesn't have to think about it he doesn't care. Thanks and continued good healing

    1. Hi Stacy! Thanks! :-)
      For nutrition info, I recommend an online resource like it's free and relatively easy to use. Though, it is indeed tedious. If you have ingredients that aren't in the database, you can add them under "input foods", and you can build your recipes, too.
      Best Wishes!

  3. I just stumbled on your blog a few days ago, and it is wonderful! A friend of mine had encouraged me to order Beverly protein powder (I was considering very pricey Shakeology by Beachbody) and I found your site through my search on reviews. This blog will be such a resource to me as I am on the road to getting my body back after the birth of my child and taking care of a husband who had two surgeries in one year. You look incredible!