Friday, July 6, 2012

Two-Week Update

Whew! I made it to the two-week mark! Points for me! LOL! Ya'll know that I just don't handle "rest" well, and the last two weeks have been... challenging. After caving to pressure, I spent way too many hours hunched over my computer doing way too much work during the first week of my post-op, then going into the office Monday and Tuesday of my second week - BAD idea. Realizing I was setting myself back, I told my office that I would NOT be back in the office on Thursday (after Wednesday's holiday) or Friday, but would see everyone on Monday. (fyi, that went over like a lead balloon). And yes, they KNEW I was supposed to be completely out for two weeks. 

I committed myself to the true rest my doctor demanded, and already I can feel I am back on track with my healing. The parts of the incision I'd reopened are closed up, I can blow my nose (yay for ab healing!), and my bruises are nearly gone! Woot! The first week I looked like I'd been in a major car accident - the bruising was ugly! Now you can barely see them!

So here's the recovery run down so far... At two weeks post-op, I can sleep on my sides, I can blow my nose without abdominal pain, sneezes (darn pollen!) result in only one yelp now, my incision (lower) is nearly glue free (the outer layer is glued closed, while the inner layers are stitched), my bruises are nearly gone, the incisions around my nipples are nearly invisible, and the incisions under my armpits are invisible. My stamina is still short-range, but I'm sleeping good, and the hypersensitivity in my lower incision is gone, and it's much less intense in my nipples. I can now comfortably wear a bra without needing the gauze pads to protect my nipples from rubbing on the fabric of the bra. I've had full range of motion of my arms since the beginning. I've never had any issues raising my arms or anything - not even the first day.

The lower incision is by turns comfortable and tight... there are times I'm simply unaware of it, standing up straight... then there are times when it feels so tight that I'm being pulled over. This is particularly noticeable when I am in or just out of the shower. My belly button is awesome... the incisions are invisible except for the final bits of skin-adhesive that have yet to fall off. It's still numb, as is the skin above my lower incision. This is normal.

I feel good, and I look good. It's amazing! Up top, I went full but proportional to my frame, and they really look good! Natural. They're still a little high (they settle a bit as time goes on), but apart from that, they really do look like they're mine. Woot! In my abdomen, the swelling is lessening day by day, and I am so excited to see the shape I've worked so hard for emerging.

And just to toss out another pitch for a Clean Eating lifestyle ;-) throughout my injuries and inactivity, and now my surgery and serious-inactivity, I have not gained an ounce. Not one. Due to the lack of exercise, I am softer than I like, but I am still maintaining my size and weight. Well, except for my bra-size ;-)  LOL!

Today, I am again resting. I've started season 4 of Alias (Go, Syd!!), then later on I will hit the nail salon for a little pampering ;-) and then..... LUCY-ETHEL TIME!! Woot! I'm meeting Tabitha for some girl time! Yay!!!!!!

Here's to a great (and restful, haha) weekend!

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  1. Yay Chelle - i'm so glad that you are healing and stayed out of the office! And the testament to clean eating, yes!!!