Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 3 Update...

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

I've reached the halfway point. I've reached the point where I'm healed enough to wonder if I can start sneaking in some cardio, and not healed enough to know that if I do I am screwed. Ugh. ONE MORE WEEK then I can begin light cardio. And not the "light cardio" I've done in the past - I mean LIGHT. No incline, no resistance, blah. Oh well, it's more movement than I've been getting -
I will take it and be happy ;-)

My food/nutrition is right where it should be. My healing is good - up top, I am about 50/50... about 50% of the time I am unaware of my breasts. This is good, lol. It's like being unaware of your arm, or leg - because it's yours. The other 50% of the time, I feel anything from twinges to vague discomfort, to tightness... generally, I just do a bit of massage (which isn't really massage so much as directed and steady pressure) and it goes right away. They've fully dropped and softened and look absolutely natural. FYI... I am becoming quite the expert on comfortable bras for post-surgery, lol... I can highly recommend the Barely There CustomFlex Fit. It was already my fav sports bra, but after surgery (and in a larger size, haha) it was heaven! I also just received my order of Ahh Bra's - and they're pretty darn comfy, too.

My belly is looking better and better. The tightness when I stand upright is slowly easing. The scar is healing up nice. Three more weeks and the doctor says I'll feel "normal". Considering I have never felt normal a day in my life, I am look forward to seeing what that's like. :-)  I do still have that residual numbness - my scar is numb, and the ridge above it, and around my back I have a patch that feels like it's numb deeper in - the surface is normal, but then it feels just a little funky if I press on the skin.

This weekend, the girls and I went through all my bathing suits to see what still fits and what doesn't. Going from a negative-A to a C really changes a suit's fit, lol. What I discovered, apart from not fitting into the vast majority of my suits, is that I can wear a bikini. A real bikini. I can wear it and feel comfortable. I cried. My husband cried (but I think that was because I put my clothes back on). Truly, I cannot begin to express what it was like to see in the mirror the way I feel I should look. All the hard work, finally shows. In an odd way, I feel like I've been released from prison.

Anyway... so next week I get to begin cardio. Two weeks later I get to step it up (yay!!!) and start testing out weights. Woot!!!! Three more weeks. Why does it feel like months? LOL!


  1. Glad to hear you are healing well! Yes, that bra is the best post surgery. I had a lift and was thrilled to find something comfortable without underwires!! Keep up the good care!

  2. Awww... Chelle, it would TOTALLY feel like being released from prison! AND-- parole is almost over! You almost get to live life the way you deserve to: FREE! You've worked soo hard for this, you changed your life, you got healthy, YOU EARNED THIS! You did everything humanly possible to build the ideal physique; the healthy way. Your situation makes me think of someone sculpting a statue, as the artist chips away at the stone to reveal the beautiful form, they leave a mess behind. That "mess" has to be cleaned up, right? They don't just leave the chips and dust in the way, they clear it away so that the true beauty of the artist's hard work can shine thru. Baby,you are that artist, and you just got dusted and polished and it's your turn to shine!

    I'm so proud of you for resting...now don't screw this up. ;) Just a little bit longer... it'll be worth it. Love ya!

  3. Chelle, Sounds like all is going well with your recovery and you are happy so far with the results, that's awesome! Are you back to work??? I'm in the same boat you were before surgery, I'm down to my goal weight, everything is toned and defined and all I have left now is the excess skin/flab that more than likely needs to be removed with surgery...but I'm too afraid. Happy to hear you can rock a bikini!!! I appreciate the updates and look forward to more!!

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