Monday, August 13, 2012

Attack of the Klutz

After last weekend, we were really looking forward to this weekend. Chill time. Pool time. This was the weekend I was allowed to get in the water. Well, actually, that was last weekend but we were out of town. I'm at 7 weeks post-surgery, and it was time to soak in the pool. We filled the cooler, sprayed ourselves with copious amounts of 80+ sunblock, I slathered clear zinc on my belly button, put on my bikini (woot!) and we headed outside. Where it was 116. Ouch. We've had a heat wave, and this is when we always wonder what the heck we're doing here in AZ, lol. Into the pool we go... I think the water was 100. Ha! Didn't count on that! Regardless, we splashed and played and had a ball! Bethany spent most of the day with us being dorks in the pool - and then we decided to stage our own olympic races.

Bad Idea.
Remember this about me?

Yes, I am graceful.
Thank you, Carlene! This is so me!

Well, it doesn't change simply because I am in the pool. Let's just say that I missed my olympic turn and... yes, yes I did. I went straight into the wall.

I think it still bears my face-print. My face certainly bears the wall print. I have a black eye. Even with icing it for the rest of the night, I still woke with a real shiner. Seriously - my hubby was afraid to let me leave the house with it! He was sure he'd be arrested, lol! Thankfully, I own this...
Benefit Cosmetics - Boi-ing  
It saved my bacon. And my face. When it's on, the bruise is nearly invisible. Industrial strength concealer - yes, I use that. Tools of the Klutz.

So how was your weekend?  ;-)

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  1. Hi Chelle,
    I certainly did not have as much as putting zinc oxide on my belly button. Worked and got some of the big weekend cooking done. Makes the week easier and amazingly, the workout too, not having to worry about cooking something for my son, or me!
    So be careful running around that pool and keep having fun!