Monday, August 27, 2012

Feta Makes Everything Better... and other random Monday thoughts

Seriously - it does. Feta makes everything better. Try it. I dare ya! Lol.

The morning began with dragging two dogs to the vet at 7am for routine "comprehensive" exams. Somehow they always know this is not a pleasure ride. Nakki (the boxer) fought me. Winnie (the pit) knew something was wrong but no way was he going to be left out - he charged into the car, making a wild jump only to get hung up on the leash and land on his back - on the ground, looking up at me like, "Why'd ya do that???"  Nakki, eventually made it into the car (not only is she stubborn, but she has to have help getting up there). Arriving at the vet, I managed to get them weighed (Nakki lost 5lbs - ??) and checked in, despite tangled leashes (I nearly went down more than once), and I headed back home to dress for the office.

At the office I was swamped with work, when my cell phone rang. It was the vet. There is a problem with Nakki. Turns out the swollen lymph nodes we'd noticed, the teeth grinding lately, the weight loss, and a batch of wonky blood results raised all kinds of red flags. The kind of flags that the owners of a 6 year old pure-bred boxer don't want to see.

After work (I'm part time now, so I'm off at 12:30) I headed back to the vet to pick them up and chat with the doctor. Red flags indeed. And now we're waiting on test results. Tell me this, why - at this wait-for-the-test-results stage, do people think it's going to make you feel better when they say that they can recommend a great oncologist? Because it doesn't. Not at all.

I took the pups home, and despite wanting to curl up and cuddle with Nakki, I changed into my gym-grubbies and headed out - with TWO iPods. Just in case.  I sweated out a ton of worry and what-if's first on the stairmaster (30 minutes is MUCH easier with tunes - just sayin') then on the mat as I ran through a so-grueling-I-can't-think-ab workout. I headed back home and cooked up lunch. Just standard fare, nothing special. Shredded chicken from Sunday's prep, steamed zucchini, steamed brown rice - and then I sprinkled it with feta (reduced fat). Muuuuch better. That fresh salty goodness hit my mouth and yeah, silly, I know, but the cloud over my head lightened - a little. See? Feta makes everything better. Yes, that's said tongue in cheek, lol.

I've been working on my September playlist, actually, it turned into two playlists. I'm spending more time in the gym now, without classes which offer their own tunes, so I'm in need of variety. Anyway, those'll be up on the site this week ;-) Check out our previous playlists if you need some tune-spiration ;-)  I find, for myself, that the lyrics are just as, if not more, important than the beat of the music. For instance - today I'm holding a plank with bent arms on a medicine ball - I'm dyin. I'm shaking. My abs are screaming and cramping. Then the chorus hits... "deny the limitation, deny the limitation". I made it to my mark. Three times. Music drives me. Being sans-trainer, it's even more important for me. I build my playlists for the purpose of pushing myself since no one else is there to do it. What about you? Is your playlist your driving force, or do you prefer to be without music?

More randomness - updates on the site ( have been taking place, quietly and slowly - if you haven't been there lately, be sure to look around in the Recipes section. I'm adding stuff as I can.

And there ya have it. It's a Monday. ;-) Feta and randomness.

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