Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm BACK!!!!

Last week was crazy with trying to get ready and organized for school to start up again, plus prepare for an out of state wedding. We got it done - ok, I got it done, lol, and as today is the first day of school, we're settling back in.

First - the wedding. This was my Father-in-Law's wedding (don't ask what #, lol). It was beautiful, and there were no major glitches. We socialized and had a good time. Until Sunday. Let me give you the back-story.  My hubby... my beloved hubby, was in charge of transportation for the two of us. Awhile back I received an email confirmation of our flight. My first twinge of concern came when I saw the company through whom he had booked. Cheapo Air. Really? My next twinge was when I saw the return date. September 3rd. Ummmmm.... NO. I call him up and point out this tiny little error - we are NOT staying in Oregon for a MONTH.

A few minutes later, I get a 2nd confirmation email. This time, the dates are correct - oh, and it cost an arm, leg and kidney to make the change on dear Cheapo Air. Then I look at the flights themselves. Now, I like to fly. I enjoy it. By flying, I am referring to those HUGE, STABLE, SAFE jumbo jets. NOT a little, tiny prop plane. Those, my friends, are for island hopping and only to be boarded after several mai-tai's.

Here's how it played out... we flew out of Phoenix at 6am (you do realize this means we're in the airport at 5am - our alarm was set for 3am - which after watching the Olympics until 10:30pm, was... rough. Lol). We flew to Seattle, then switched to a puddle-jumper and flew to Redmond, Oregon. Fairly tame, minus the white-knuckles on the 2nd plane - and I use the word 'plane' loosely.

On our return, our ride dropped us off at the airport in Redmond  3 hours before our flight (cuz we weren't spending enough time sitting in an airport, evidently). UGH. And there is NOTHING at the Redmond airport. NOTHING. We watched Shrek in the airport lounge. Twice. Finally, we fly from Redmond on a puddle jumper (this one was even smaller!) to Portland, then FOUR HOURS LATER, fly back home to Phoenix. FYI - it only takes 3 hours to drive from Redmond to Portland. THEN.... the daughter who was supposed to pick us up at 11pm - her phone battery died - she didn't know what flight we were on, or what terminal (cuz they switched our last flight to another airline - nice)... so she sat, in the rain, at Terminal 2, while we stood, in the rain, at Terminal 4. If you're familiar with Phoenix International, you know that 2 and 4 are like a couple of cities apart. Seriously. T-2 isn't even in the airport loop. Not kidding.

One hour later, we finally figured out she was probably at 2, where we had flown out of, and we hopped an airport shuttle over there - yep, sure enough, there she was. We all yelled and grumbled, then drove home. Not a fun time. Got home at 1am, crashed, and were up at 5 to start the week. No grocery shopping, no food prep, no laundry. This is not how my CDO likes things. ;-)

So, Monday, after work, I dashed home to pick up my daughter for high school registration. I ran in, yelled for her, changed my shoes, then we ran out to the car where it was this...
Yes, that does say 116 degrees. We got through registration, then came home to grab a bite to eat then head back out for her appointment in Mesa (a good 30 minutes away at this time of day), and guess what?

The car wouldn't start.

Had radio, had air, had dash lights... did not have engine. Nothing. Silence. Remember the last times this happened? TIMES, not time.  and more recently

The very nice roadside assistance man came to my home, played around with it, got a funny look on his face, leaned into my car to stare at the gear shift, and.... stepped on the brake, put it in neutral and started it right up. AREYOUKIDDINGME??????  Evidently, it's not a battery problem my car has, it's a sensor problem in the gear shift. Unbelievable. He told me that had I just not gotten it all the way into Park, I wouldn't have been able to remove my key from the ignition (yeah, I can agree with that, not that it's happened to me or anything), so this was definitely a sensor issue, he said.

We made it to the appointment (by the skin of our teeth, I think we had 26 seconds to kill), then I headed over to a store nearby to do my belated grocery shopping. Lemme tell ya, this week it's all about convenience! Frozen pre-cooked brown rice, slaw/stirfry (see yesterday's recipe), cottage cheese, greek yogurt, pre-cooked chicken (low sodium, no filler), pre-chopped veggies (I hate spending the extra $ on that!), and then the usual fresh fruit. I drove back to pick up my daughter and home we went. I spent some time organizing the groceries, then flopped into bed to watch the Olympics. Day over, right?


At 9pm my phone rang. It was my other daughter. Hysterical.

"I lost my car!"  sobbing
You mean, you're lost?
"NO!!! I lost my car!!!"  sobbing
"I did a delivery to an apartment complex, had to walk around to find the apartment, then can't find where I parked! I hate my job!!!!"  sobbing
Where are you?
"A HUGE apartment complex at Frank Lloyd Wright and 90th Street." sobbing
Do you want us to drive over and help you?
"YES!!!!" sobbing
Ok, stay on the line with me, we're heading over right now. driving like mad-people for about a mile...
"I found it!!!!"
You found your car?
Are you in it? Are you safe?
"Yes. I'm going back to work now. Thanks."
Ok. Let me know when you get home tonight.
"Ok. Bye."

Bill and I sat in the car and snickered, then laughed until our belly's hurt and eyes teared. We both agreed to not tease her about it for a few days.

Her time is nearly up  ;-)

Happy Wednesday, folks!


  1. Bahahaha! CDO makes so much more sense!!!! :)

  2. Normally they keep all the good stuff in the executive airport lounges, which is why there's bugger all to do while normal folk like us are waiting at the airport.
    I'm seriously considering some cheap airport lounge access now you have to wait so long for your flight.

  3. Too funny. I live just out of Portland, and there really is nothing at the Redmond Airport. And those puddle jumper planes are something else. Good job on plowing through and getting the food done for the week!
    Cheers, Wendy

  4. Very funny post! I was in Carefree on Wed. afternoon and took a photo of the car thermometer that read 115 degrees. Sent it to all my family back East -- and one shot back "well, it's a dry heat, right???" I snarled, "it's a hotter than HELL heat!!!"

  5. I LOVE reading your blog!! You are so dang funny and normal!