Monday, September 17, 2012

All Hail Costco...

Guess what??? I didn't have to break out the first aid kit! Woot! No injuries! Lol! Camping was a ton of fun. The fabulous bug-spray that Rachel Corradetti turned me onto worked like a charm - no mosquito bites! The campground was beautiful, and though there were no flush-toilets, there were facilities that didn't involve a tree and a spade. ;-) We tried fishing, but the best I did was to catch a snail. Yeah. Figures, right? That's ok, it could have been worse (right, Dad? hehe).  We relaxed, enjoyed the gorgeous scenery, and played the "famous name" game - I got knocked out on an X. Seriously - using Malcom X is just cheating, lol... though I did use Yogi Bear when I hit a Y. ;-)

One of our friends is a serious Costco fan. He loves that place. His favorite phrase is, "I got it at Costco." By the end of the weekend we were calling him FranCostco (his last name is Francisco). Haha. But... it did remind me that I hadn't been there in a while, might have a lapsed membership. Oops!

We drove home Sunday, and I might have been a wee bit stressed out about my food prep happening. Two weekends in a row is just begging for trouble. After we unloaded the truck (and showered, haha), I quickly made a list and headed out. First stop Costco (Ron would be proud). Where I renewed my membership, and then scored. Big-time! Knowing that my prep time was short, I took the path of least resistance, lol, and loaded up my cart with rotisserie chicken, pre-cooked & shredded chicken (clean), pre-cooked and chopped chicken (clean), apples, grapefruit, spinach, fruit-leather snacks for my youngest (clean), raw chicken breasts, edamame, sprouted dry beans, and hard boiled eggs. Seriously - All Hail Costco! Oh! I also got an enormous bottle of virgin coconut oil - for $15. Are you kidding me!!??  Awesome!!

From there, I dashed to Safeway for the rest of my produce, then back home. Food prep was done in a jiff - I made a batch of chorizo (clean fresh chorizo with ground chicken breast, black beans and black olives), broke down the rotisserie chickens, prepped the veggies,  moved everything into it's appropriate tray and then promptly crashed. Lol. Good news is food prep is done! Yay! Bad news is laundry is not. And now my laundry room smells like a campfire. ;-)  Guess what I'm doing today after the gym? Haha!

Happy Monday!

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