Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How Do These Things Happen to Me?

I am convinced that people spend time with me simply for the comic relief. Things happen when I am present. It's not my fault, I swear!

So, after the emotional nightmare of our meeting with the veterinary oncologist (more on that later), we headed home to pack up the car for our trip to San Diego. Bill, Bethany (our 16 year old), and I. I made sure the cooler was within reach (who knew the hard boiled eggs would be so popular?!), and we drove out of town. Late. We got to near-about Yuma when we drove into the most ridiculous haboob. RIDICULOUS. Out of nowhere, we were swallowed up by this nasty, windy, dusty mess. And then it started to rain. Correction - TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR of world-ending proportions. That's when it happened.

"Snap! Scrape! Scraaaaaaaaaape!"

The windshield wiper (yes, it was on the passenger side - my side) broke. No bueno. Bill pulled the car over and tried to fix it. And swore. A lot. It was toast. As we sat there wondering what the heck to do now, he got this funny look on his face and said, "you wouldn't happen to have a paperclip, would you?"

Would I???? Am I female, I ask you??? I have all kinds of odds and ends in my purse!

Paperclip in hand, he went to work. And it worked.
See that silver loop? That's the paperclip holding the wiper onto the wiper-arm. Oy. "On the road again..."

We arrived late at the hotel, to quickly move our luggage into the room and crash. We had to be at the base at 9am. Then we got the phone call from my daughter Shiloh (it was her boyfriend graduating). We were at the WRONG HOTEL. I did indeed book the hotel closest to the base entrance (just one exit away!) but that's not where graduation was happening. That would be over on Mission Bay. Are you kidding me???

It gets better.

We woke early, begging the in-room coffee maker to brew just a little bit faster, and determined who got the shower first. That's when we discovered that my darling Shiloh who had stayed in this room the night before us, had used ALL the towels and left them in wet heaps throughout the bathroom area. AAAAHHHHHGGGGG!

Finally ready, Bethany dashed to the lobby for some breakfast (guess she was tired of hard boiled eggs, lol). She returned, we loaded up, checking under the beds and such (found her brush), and we checked out. On the road we remembered why we left San Diego. The traffic. O.M.G. And then it happened.

Bethany - "Mom. Mom. Mom."
Me - "what?"
Bethany - "I can't find my phone."
Me - "seriously?"
Bethany - (now panicking) "I CAN'T FIND MY PHONE"
Me - "hang on, I'll call it." (don't ask what her ringtone for me is. Teenagers.)
Bethany - "It's not here! I left it on the breakfast table!"
Bill - "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????"

We turned around at the next exit, inched our way back to the hotel, where she retrieved her phone (thank you to the employee who found it and took it to the front desk), and we got back into the non-flowing traffic. We were late. Yes, we were. Finally arriving at the base, there was a line. Of course there was. But since we weren't the only people late (it did make me feel better), we relaxed a bit, went through the search of our vehicle, and then tried to find the event. Would larger signs be asking too much?

Unable to find parking, we drove back out of the event area and discovered several unmarked parking spots. If they're unmarked they're fair game, yes? ;-)

The graduation was fabulous. The boys (I guess I can't call them that anymore) looked so handsome in their uniforms, and the pictures were wonderful (the good ones are on my other computer - grr). We turned back to the car (it was still there - Yay!), and made plans to all meet up later.

The three of us headed to the boardwalk and wandered around until Bethany decided we were going on this:
Belmont Park, The Big Dipper Roller Coaster

After an hour of trying to realign my neck, lol, we checked into our next hotel (ironically, it was ON Mission Bay), and proceeded to relax. This was 15 feet from our patio.

And we had fun...

And then we met this...

And this is where it got ugly.
That little bugger was friendly. Too friendly. We were relaxing on our patio, and as we were chatting, he got closer... and closer...
See where this is going?
Yes. I got bit by a duck. Not once. TWICE. And my beloved 16 year old daughter got it on video. Yes, she did. REALLY???   And yes, she really did title it "duck, duck, goose".

Later that night, we hung out with the kids, the duck stalked me down the beach (not kidding), and then the next day was sun, sand, and babies - Bill's stepson came by with his family and we played with the kiddos all day. Sunday, we packed up (reluctantly) and headed back home.  Right back into that darn haboob. I think it was waiting for us. Thankfully, the paperclip held and we could see out our windows.

Arriving back home, we got an update on Nakki while we were gone, and discovered our oldest daughter, Ariel, had not only captured a garden snake in the back yard, but had decided to make it a pet, placed it in a terrarium on my kitchen counter (ARGH!), and then realized she'd lost it when she tried to show us. Again I say, ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  

She eventually found it, though I've yet to see proof.

Nakki is doing ok. Her breathing is labored, she's grinding her teeth more and looks like she's lost a few more pounds. She is however enjoying the soft food and eating well. After meeting with the oncologist, and spending a lot of time over the weekend discussing our options, we've chosen to not do chemo. It's about a 6 month process, and only 50% of dogs survive those months. Untreated, her survival time is about 1-2 months. We've chosen to do steroid treatments, which will shrink the lymph nodes (allowing her to breathe better), and might give her 2-4 months. The treatments are a pill that we give her each morning, hidden in a treat. The dr told us to basically feed her whatever she wanted (no raw meat or sugar).

I hit WalMart yesterday after work to pick up more of the soft food, treats, whatever she might like - the soft food is from the cooler - have you seen those? It's fresh food, with real ingredients. I've always scoffed a bit at people who buy from that cooler - will never do so again. If my Nakki will eat it, I will get it. I also picked up a harness for her, as the leash on her collar causes discomfort with her swollen (ping pong ball size) nodes.

As I was checking out, the checker was snickering a bit at my purchases. When she hit the 6th roll of fresh dog food, then the harness, she looked up at me with disdain and said, "is this all for your dog?"

"Yes," I said, in a very, carefully calm voice. "It's for my dog who is dying of cancer and cannot eat dry dog food. This she will eat, and she likes it. I thought she should at least enjoy her food during her last weeks of life."

Guess who felt like a heel? Not me! ;-)

So, snarkiness and emotional trauma aside, that brings me up to date. Now I'm scrambling to get the laundry done, stretch out the little bit of food prep I did yesterday after my WalMart escapade, and get my work done. All of course while spending as much time as possible with my pup. This weekend, we're committed to a camping trip (do not laugh) with some friends. The kids will keep Nakki company while I hopefully do not cause any injuries or forest fires. Somewhere along the way, we will also get my windshield wiper replaced. Or is that just tempting fate? At least there will be no ducks. Please the gods, let there be no ducks.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Chelle,

    So much going on in your world. Comic relief? Maybe, but it takes a lot of strength to get through it and you are indeed getting through!
    Have a great day!