Thursday, September 27, 2012

"I'm Gonna Make a Comeback..."

One of my favorite workout songs right now is Comeback by Redlight King. Ya'll know I'm all about the message of my tunes, not just the beat - I need both the words and the tune to drive me, to keep me moving forward, and this song has become my anthem.

Now that I've been released to return (a-hem, I believe the exact words were "ease back in", but whatever) to my normal workout routines, and I've realized that the shoulder is simply as good as it's going to get, I've been moving forward. The first few weeks were simply cardio - regaining my stamina and, let's be honest, trying to stop sucking wind. Ugh. Once that phase was done, the next few weeks I began adding in light weights - resistance bands, planks (modified). Slowly, very slowly, working towards my goals. Each step (and rep) tentatively feeling out where my body is at. Does it hurt? Well, duh - it always hurts, but is it injury/warning pain or just I'm a wussy pain? Can I do one more? Ummm, with or without hurting myself? Ok, should I do one more?  It's been hard on me, mentally, having to constantly take stock and go light.

This week, however, marked a new era. This is my 'I'm Gonna Make a Comeback' phase, and I'm diving in. I am more sore (oh, lordy, I am sore) than I have been in months! MONTHS! And I love it! Well, I don't love it when I'm doing things like, oh, I don't know... getting up from a chair, sitting, walking, moving my arms... you know - normal stuff, LOL! But it gives me such hope! I can work hard enough to make my body cry! YES! Yeah - I'm twisted. ;-)

Having re-established my cardio, I have moved on to rebuilding my body - and I am excited! I still have to modify drastically - I have to stop and change direction mid-workout - I have to stop and roll out my knee - this is all ok. I've come to terms with it. There's no point in getting upset (though I sometimes still do - hey, I'm human), it's simply what it is. Adjust - move on. Get strong. Today is chest/triceps/abs - and I guarantee there will be some modifying as I continue to get used to the new 'girls'. Lol.

I'm icing like a maniac - knee, shoulder, knee, shoulder; I'm taking ALL my supplements (hyaluronic acid w/collagen, glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM, a gazillion aminos & antioxidants, vitamins, EFA's), I'm drinking my water, keeping my diet clean and generous (I need more calories to build muscle), and I am so freaking excited! Finally! I AM making a comeback.

It's good to be sore. ;-)

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