Friday, September 21, 2012

Photo-shoot Fun

We did our family photo shoot this week, the last one with our beloved Nakki. The steroid treatment has age-reversed her - she's running around like a puppy again, chasing us, throwing her own toys in the air and catching them. Her lymph nodes are nearly undetectable, and the other tumors have shrunk, too. Her appetite has increased - you know the saying, "eat anything that's not nailed down"? That's Nakki, and she's gnawing around the nail! While we love seeing this, we know it's just temporary. So we're doing things like the family photo, and in a few weeks hope to take her to San Diego (Dog Beach), because she loves the ocean so much. It'll be a way for our whole family to cherish a few last memories, an easing into our final goodbye.

For the photos, we met with Tina over at STUDIO No.5 in downtown Scottsdale. Thankfully, Nakki didn't think Tina's pom was a dog treat, lol, and the two got along fine while we were there. Tina captured some amazing moments of fun and love, and we're now facing the daunting task of choosing which images to purchase (photography is SOOOOO expensive!). I tried to narrow down my favorites and ended up with 48 images in my folder. Ummmmm. Gonna have to trim that down. A lot.

Here are a few samples (click to view larger) of her fabulous work (and my family's silliness)...

This is Joker/Bat-Dog, LOL


  1. Beautiful pictures! What a beautiful, happy family you have, Chelle! <3 Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  2. Wow, your hair is darker, didn't recognize you! You look as beautiful as ever!
    Awwww, your family is so cute together...even the pup!! Love these pics!

    So happy for you!


  3. Love them!!!! Love the pix with Nakki, very beautiful and the family love shows!!
    You do look like Mom with your hair that shade, are you going to keep it that shade, go a little lighter (no bleach), darker, ???
    You are always a blonde bombshell!!! That shade brings out your natural beautiful skin tones.
    Love you!!!

  4. Simply adorable. What a beautiful family and a lucky dog to be loved soooo much! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the pictures and it shows how much it shows with these pics. So how do you like the color of your hair? I change mine all the time too. and nows the time for a BIG Difference! take care