Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So Excited!!! Take a Peek...

I'm so excited to share this with you! I've been given the opportunity to participate in an original recipe challenge for Smart Balance™ beginning October 1st on Facebook. I was contacted a couple weeks ago as one of 20 bloggers and I've been doing an Agnes ever since! (hehe, yes, I do love my Despicable Me references, lol!).   I am incredibly honored to have been invited, and can't wait to share the recipe with you guys!

But there's a catch. Just a little one. I promise. Here's the deal... I need you to vote for me.
No, let me rephrase... I NEED you to vote for me! ;-) It's a simple matter of going to the Facebook link I'll provide on the 1st, "liking" the page, then voting. Not only will you be supporting me (thank you!!!), but you've got a good reason to help me win -

The winner of the Contest will receive a trip for two to Cannon Ranch Hotel & Resort in Miami
Beach, Florida  PLUS another trip for 2 for the blogger (that would be me) to give away to a reader.  Approximate Retail Value of Trip: $2,750.

Which means, should I win the contest, I will then host a contest of my own choosing here on my blog, and then award that 2nd trip to one of you! Hey! Maybe we can go together! See? There's totally something in it for you, too! :-)  So..... will you vote? Please, please, pretty please? With a cherry on top? Oh wait, make that a chocolate chip (hint, hint)    ;-)

So what is it exactly I'm asking you to vote for?  Here is a sneak peek...

I have spent a ton of time developing a recipe, and variations thereof. I crunched numbers, compared products, examined ingredients... until I had three finalists that a) included my Smart Balance™  product of choice, b) met a specific nutritional profile, and c) were CLEAN.   Healthy recipes are my passion, and creating food that looks good, tastes good (and smells good), and is good for you - I love it!

So last weekend, it was proofing time. I took my final recipes, gathered a gazillion ingredients, and got to work.

The first step for me is all about chaos, lol. Just like my Sunday Food Prep & Counter of Chaos™, I pull everything out and see what my options are. Different brands, different sweeteners, different cooking vessels. It all hits the counter. Then I begin to sift through my ingredients - discarding this, holding onto that, and then it is time to mix. Mwahahahaha!!

After baking, I take pictures (just in case it actually worked, lol), then force ask my family and whoever else is in the house (with 4 kids and all their friends, we're pretty packed all the time) to act as taste-testers for me. However... as the scent wafted through the house, I found myself with very willing testers ;-)

And... everyone loved it! Just to be sure it wasn't a fluke, I remade the whole thing.... nope... no fluke! This was so good! I had to recheck all my calculations and nutrition to be sure! Seriously - it's that good! If you're looking for a healthy (shhhh, no one has to know) dessert for the Fall season (hello, Holidays!)... I've got ya covered. Take a little peek to see what's coming...

Oh - and don't forget to check back for the voting link!  PLEASE????  ;-)

P.S... When handling a cast iron skillet, always use an oven mit. Just sayin'.


  1. Hey Chell,

    I've gotten so behind on the blog but I'm back up-to-date! :)

    Your stomach looks amazing!

    Anyway, I can't wait to vote for your recipe! Do you know when voting ends? Is it just Oct 1st, or does it go for a week or a few days or...?

    1. Wooohoo! :-) It's October 1-5. :-) Recipe will be up tomorrow!!! So excited!!!!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks!!! :-) I'm still bouncing! Hehehe! Tomorrow is the big day! Woot!