Monday, October 22, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday ;-)

The hubby came home on Thursday (yay!) and the weekend was busy! Saturday we headed to Tempe to meet up with my friend Angie (we go all the way back to Jr High!) from Sacramento. She was here with her hubby and two of her kids - to compete in the Soma Triathlon. It's a half iron, and she kicked serious butt! Woot! She'll be back next month to do the Arizona Ironman.
I can't wait to cheer for her! :-)

Sunday, we celebrated several birthdays. It's pullin' teeth to get all of us in the same place at the same time, but we finally managed it. We partied for Joey's 21st birthday, Shiloh's 19th birthday, and my ahem-birthday. ;-) Fine. 42. We had a blast, with great food, and all went home stuffed to the gills. Seriously stuffed. The kids made much fun of me for ordering a slice of chocolate cake to share, as I NEVER order dessert, lol. They didn't grasp the whole birthday's come once a year concept. ;-)

The only bummer this weekend was that I got sick. Boooo. Started as a whopping allergy attack and then settled right into my chest. Being an asthmatic for me means any bug I get ends up taking residence in my lungs. Bleh. Tonight my fever is finally breaking (gotta love those nasty sweats - NOT!), so I'm hoping to be back in the gym tomorrow - I'm late for a date with the stair-monster. My bag is packed, and even waiting for me in my car, so as long as my lungs allow it, I'll be bustin' it tomorrow.

Anyone doing anything fun for Halloween  Do you go out? Throw a party? Stay home and pass out goodies? We're not sure yet what we're doing this year - maybe a pub crawl, but we're all kind of not in the mood for anything that takes effort, lol. I'm voting for dressing up and going trick or treating with Bethany and Nakki ;-) We're not usually the pet-costume type people, but I found a great pair of gargoyle wings for her, lol!

Today's cooler page is updated.  I veered from my plan, and made pumpkin muffins (see tomorrow's recipe of the week for Champion Nutrition USA), then got a craving for my Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Chicken for dinner :-)

Yummy! Woot!

Oh! And don't forget - if you haven't done so already ;-)   VOTE for my Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cookie Skillet in the @SmartBalance Recipe Challenge! WootWoot!! :-)

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