Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sunshine and Sand... and other stuff ;-)

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We're packing up and getting ready to hit the road again. Our family is heading to San Diego for our Goodbye trip with our beloved Nakki. She's been doing so wonderfully on the steroids - gained back all the weight she lost (and then some! She looks like a Nakki-balloon!), is bouncing around like a puppy, and sharing slobbery love whenever she can. It's hard to accept that the end is near when she seems so healthy, but we noticed today that the lymph nodes are starting to swell again. We know she only has a few weeks left, and this trip is our way of celebrating her place in our family. It'll give us all a chance to play, free of stress and drama, and grieve together, too.

The last few weeks (ok, the last YEAR) have been rough on us. There are major traumas and dramas happening that seem to come out of nowhere - NOWHERE, and it feels sometimes like I'm on a surfboard in the middle of the ocean - in a storm. So much upheaval and change, so much emotion. I'm grateful for the people in my life who give me a solid foundation that I can cling to when everything else blows away.

And it seems that change must be in the air... my boss informed us this week that he's sold the company. We are now in a frenzy of transition that is complicated by my part-time status. I could go back full-time but I won't move backwards. I'm doggedly working to get services up and running and was already in major revamp/restructuring mode there when this happened at work. I'm giving my job everything I have for the hours I'm there, then I'm pouring the rest into RFF (Recipe For Fitness). Soon - I promise! Oh- and if you happen to be local, I've got some super fun events and opportunities planned!! :-D

My shoulder is... well, it is what it is. But... the good news is that I have hope! I had two appointments in the last week or so with a specialist-trainer. The purpose was to give me exercise options to strengthen and build my shoulders without further injuring the bad one. He specializes in diseased/injured joints, and let me tell you, that is no lie! In two meetings, he gave me an abundance of resources, but most of all, hope. I can rebuild. I can reach my goals. I can compete again. (Barring any more physical catastrophes - Dear Universe - this is not a challenge.)

I'm no stranger to injury, lol, so I can tell you with great authority that having people who believe in you, and give you tools and information - it's essential to the healing process. And I am healing. I'm sitting here typing this post with an ice-pack (my trusty side-kick) on my shoulder - not because of the AC joint pain, but because the MUSCLES hurt! What???!! YES!! I now have ways to work the muscles without hurting the joint! Woooop! Progress!!!

On another note... guess what's coming up? My four year weight-maintenance anniversary!!! Wooot!!! I lost the weight and have successfully kept it off for four years! You can see my fat pictures (lol) here.   Yay for Lifestyle Changes! Woot! :-D
October 2012 - Four years of
Weight-loss Maintenance!


  1. You are an amazing example of perserverance and strength! Have a wonderful family trip.

  2. Sending *hugs* your way. It hurts my heart that you have to say goodbye to your Nakki. What a wonderful, loving family and life you have created for her. That's so awesome that you guys are going away for the weekend to celebrate her life.

    Congrats on four years of maintenance!! You look BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. Yes, a perfect example of perseverance. And great photo, you look beautiful! Hugs as you go on this family trip to celebrate, enjoy the time.

  4. I hope yall enjoy your weekend with your loved animal! Love your NEW HAIR color and style! But formost congrats on your JOURNEY of your new life!

  5. Thank you! We had an amazing trip, and a camera full of snapshot memories.