Friday, October 19, 2012

The Journey So Far...

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Each year as I celebrate my weight loss maintenance (4 years!), I stop and examine the road I've traveled. This year is no different, though there have certainly been more challenges in this last 365 days.

Last October, I was still adjusting back into a healthy lifestyle after my Figure Competition Prep, and while my weight was stable, I had to re-learn "normal". Thankfully, clean eating and exercise had been my lifestyle for years before I began competition prep, and the adjustment wasn't as traumatic as it could have been.

Just a few weeks after the show, my shoulder began giving me trouble - and over many months and many tests, we eventually learned that I have biceps tendinitis  biceps bursitis, and an AC joint that is much like a bowl of rice krispies. Oh, and I also have arthritis ;-)

Next my youngest began having health problems which culminated in surgery early this year - her gallbladder and appendix were removed - a solution that restored her health.

Next, along with the AC joint and biceps issues, my back decided to join the party - protruding disc. I had an epidural, and have been GREAT every since. YAY for medical technology actually working on me, lol!

During all of this, our family was also dealing with a major crisis - in February, we discovered our oldest daughter's pregnancy and began a saga we, at times, didn't think we'd survive. Our daughter faced a decision most of us wouldn't have the strength to make, and as a result, our beloved granddaughter has a family that will cherish and protect her. We're all still grieving, but knowing the amazing parents little Lauren has, our grief is tempered by their joy.

A high point in the last year occurred this June, finally realizing a dream-wish I've had - I got to have a procedure done to remove the excess skin in my belly area leftover from my weight loss. The recovery was no fun, lol, but the enforced rest did help ease the inflammation in my wounded joints. And the results - I am THRILLED!!!!

Next on the journey was making a major job decision. I moved from full-time to part time, so I could focus more on and my family (not necessarily in that order, lol). I was able to finally make headway on the site and am still moving forward.

Just when I thought I might be settling in, our family was faced with yet another trial. Our beloved dog, Nakki, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We are hurting, and so very thankful for every moment, and every memory we have with her. We just returned from San Diego, where we took her to romp in the surf - it was our "goodbye" trip, and we came home with more precious memories. Her health continues to be an issue as we await the inevitable.

In the midst of all this, happily, I've also had my hope renewed for reaching my goals (I'd like to compete again) and I continue to make strides in my fitness.

Each day brings a new set of challenges. Some positive, and some negative. I've had a lot to deal with this year; I've lost much - including a treasured relationship, but I've also gained much. I am grateful beyond words for my family, for you here who have shared my journey, for the strength I've gained along the way. I am committed to staying on this path, to continuing to learn and grow, to keep pushing my boundaries. I'm also committed to helping you do the same - the coming year will see fresh new resources on - both free and for fee. I'm excited about the future, and though things haven't gone "as planned", I'm proud of what I've accomplished, humbled by the love and support I've received, and ready to rise up and face what's next.

Thank you, for being here, for your emails, your posts. I appreciate you more than words can say.

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