Monday, November 19, 2012

A Remote, An IRONMAN, And a Turkey

Friday night, I got a rare treat - No one was home. Just me and the dogs. Bill had poker night with the guys, the girls were either at work or hanging with friends, and I was alone. Gloriously alone! I took possession of the remote control (I might have done a 'I have the remote' boogie) and booted up Disney-Pixar's Brave! Then Tangled. ;-) It was wonderful! While enjoying my movies, I worked (and worked) on more Meal Plans and other tasks, then drove over to pick up the hubby - who has been crowned Poker King, to the distress (and disgust) of more than a few. Something about "runner-runner" though I have no idea what that means.

Though I'd vowed to stay safely at home since my banana-peel incident, I snuck out again on Saturday to visit with a friend. Angela was here in AZ to compete in the AZ IRONMAN - and lemme tell ya, she ROCKED it! Woooohooo! Her hubby kept us posted throughout the day with photos and updates, and we watched the Athlete Tracker on the IRONMAN website - it was so fun! I loved being able to 'see' her through each checkpoint, and cheer on her progress.

She swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles, then ran a full marathon - 26.2 miles! It is absolutely incredible what the body and mind are capable of, and she has truly earned the title of IRONMAN. I am honored to count this amazing elite athlete as my friend. Way to go, Angela!!! Wooooohoooo!!!!

Throughout her race, I was doing my non-endurance activities ;-) Sunday Food Prep, and I'm set for the week, including the holiday. We'll be heading to my father-in-law's, and I'm in charge of the turkey and such. I'm brining it, per my usual - it seems like brining would make the turkey higher in sodium, but it doesn't. Just one of those mysteries, lol. So tomorrow, I'll be waging war with a floppy bird, a 5 gallon bucket and a few gallons of both boiling and ice cold liquid. Last year I had no problem, but the year before... well, it wasn't pretty.

So, speaking of the holiday - and all that food... 

Unfortunately, the holiday season has become synonymous with gluttony and weight gain. It doesn't have to be that way. Yes, you can enjoy your holiday meals, the treats, and you can still stay on track! I've posted about this before, and thought I'd share it again here. If you're trying to lose or maintain your weight, the holiday season does not have to strike fear in your heart.

YOU are in control. Always.

Here are my tips ;-)

Solving the Dilemma of Holiday Eating

It's Almost Thanksgiving

And, just 'cuz I'm a geek ;-) here's a little Turkey-Day humor (no offense intended to you vegetarians out there!)

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