Thursday, November 29, 2012

Food, Wedding, and Playlists... it's Random Day! Woot!

What a day! Whew! Ok, back up.

Last night... Wednesday is our bowling league night... not a good night for me. I suggested halfway through the 2nd game that we switch sports ;-) Lol. My clean eats went with me, and since we're there so long, I also packed snacky foods... I made a batch of my protein popcorn - YUM! Everyone loved it, thought it tasted like kettle corn - of course, I didn't tell anyone what it was until after they devoured it. Mwahahaha!  Told ya healthy could be tasty! Ha! ;-)

Back home, we chatted with Shiloh about wedding stuff. Namely that we can't set a date yet. Jared doesn't get his orders until somewhere between March and May, so we have to work around that little "date" detail. Oy! Anyway, Shi and I agreed to meet up today at Home Depot after she got off work to peruse the paint chips to start planning her color scheme (great idea! Hers!). So....

Today, after Bill left for work, I hit the gym for my hour of pain, lol - which was made unusually cruel because my amazing December playlist got jumbled when I sync'd the iPod last night. I very specifically order my tunes for the grueling work I'm doing... having stuff out of order was NOT ok. Yes, it messed with my CDO (that's OCD, but alphabetical like it should be). I made it through the workout, then spent some much needed time stretching, then headed home to ice the shoulder and knees and eat my breakfast. At which point, I emphatically fixed my iPod. Lol. So then I worked away the morning (yes, I did take a shower, haha), then headed out to meet Shiloh.

I parked my car in the Home Depot parking lot. Locked it. Walked toward the entrance and called her.

"Marco" I said
"Polo", she replied.
"Where are you?"
"I'm in the paint, where are you?"
"Parking lot, I'm heading in."
"I'm walking to the door to meet you..... where are you?"
"Are you at the Home Depot on Hayden? The one behind your work?"
"Where are you?"
"The Home Depot by Fry's."
"Cuz I didn't know there was a Home Depot by my work...?"

UGH. I hopped back in the car and drove to the OTHER Home Depot. The root of this little irritation? I ASSUMED. Lol.  Oops!

After she chose her color scheme, we hit the bookstore and this was our haul... of course, this is AFTER we got her organizer (The Anti-Bride Wedding Planner - it's pretty cool!, The Everything Father of the Bride book, The Everything Mother of the Bride book, The Knot Bridesmaid Handbook, and several other wedding books... yeesh! My Barnes and Noble membership totally paid for itself and then some!)

The Color Scheme...

I'm still a bit shocked that we're planning our daughter's wedding. ???? Sigh. She's downstairs right now clipping photos and creating her organizational Binder. Nakki is helping her, lol.

Ok, I'm getting emotional. Back to the Workout / Cardio Playlists... lol.

 The December lists are up! Woot! The first one is the playlist that has kept me seriously fired up all week! I don't want to stop because the beats are pushing me! I LOVE this list!! I have a second December list, but haven't even used it yet, lol, because I've only been listening to this one. I'm tellin' ya... start it off with LL Cool J, throw in some Manafest, Linkin Park, Def Leppard, Pitbull... this is a kickin' playlist! FUN!

What are you listening too? What tunes drive you?

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