Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Turkey-Day! Meandering Musings...

With all that our family has gone through in the last year, I am most thankful that we're still here, still together, a family. I love my family, and I'm grateful for their love. I am thankful for each wonderful member, those near and far.  I'm also thankful to you - you guys keep me going. Thank you for your support, your emails and posts. Thank you for visiting my blog and site - for laughing with me, and sometimes crying with me, too.

How's your holiday? Ours is nice and quiet ;-)  The dishes are done, the food put away (yay for leftovers!), and the kids have all scattered. We're minus Shiloh this holiday, as she's in Florida with her boyfriend and his family (that's where he's stationed right now), and now that dinner is over, the other two oldest have taken off for whatever young-adult entertainment, and the youngest is chilling on her computer (probably facebook, lol). Bill is watching tv, flipping between the game and Moonshiners (haha), and I'm trying to keep my eyes open.

The turkey tasted great - which was a relief as I'd had a couple mishaps. The first, no surprise, was when I tried to turn it around in the brine bucket. It wobbled, bobbled, slipped and splashed - I was soaked. Boooo. I'm really, really glad there was no one around with a camera. Not my most graceful moment. Lol.

The second mishap caused me some panic today... My plan was to get the bird in the oven by 8am so it would be done by 1:30-2:00. Because we were having T-day at my father in law's house, I was concerned about transporting the turkey - then I found this awesome turkey-roaster at WalMart! It's like a crockpot for the turkey! Woot! I was sooo excited! Ya'll know how I feel about crockpots! I own 7! And yes, I use them all.  

Anyway... I opened up the box last night, cleaned it, set it up, then finished up my prep. This morning, I preheated the roaster, pulled the bird out of the brine (no splashing this time!), set it in and worked on the rest of the food. I basted every 30 minutes, like normal, for 2 hours. Then, I lifted the lid to discover the meat pulling away from the leg bones... WHAT??? It was nearly done. In fact, by 11am, that 20 lb bird was cooked. Are you kidding me? How? Why? The roaster was at the right temp, why did it cook so freakishly fast?? I have no idea. None. Stumped. Flummoxed. I lowered it to warm, and just kept basting it until it was time to take the food over.

Terrified that the bird would be overcooked, I made extra gravy ;-) hahaha! Turns out, the meat was moist and flavorful - not as moist as usual, but still good. I don't know what went wrong with my roaster, but at least the damage was minimal.

We had the traditional roasted turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce and yams.  There were a variety of pies, and I made my Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cookie Skillet - YUM! As we drove home, we were talking about the skillet, and my hubby says, "you know why they loved it? Because they didn't know it was healthy."  LOL. I'm sure he's right. We'll just keep that little secret to ourselves, shall we? ;-)  Did you sneak in any healthy options at your celebration?

So, with my turkey drama behind me, and a full weekend ahead, I am ready to relax. No black friday shopping for me - at least not in public. I'll stick with my online specials and leave the crowds to those far braver than me. ;-)

Happy Holiday!

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