Friday, November 9, 2012

It Was a Dark and Crazy Night...

It looked like we were in for a quiet, restful evening.

The dogs fed, and medicated (Nakki), human dinner was enjoyed and put away, the dishes washed, the counters wiped, computers shut down and work put away for the night (finished another set of meal plans!), and on went the jammies. With the hubby watching the game from (what used to be) my comfy recliner (he commandeered it after my recovery from surgery. Drat!), I settled onto the bed with my dog, my iBook and a glass of Disaronno.

I got one sip, cuz that peaceful interlude lasted 15 minutes.

Shiloh (19) had stayed home from work that day, significant in that she's discovered Mom & Dad don't pay for fun anymore, lol, and a job is the answer to her financial desires. No fever, but very much in pain. We dealt with it throughout the day, but after dinner, after everyone was all snug & comfy, it got worse. Common sense (and a quick spin through Dr. Google and WebMD) indicated a trip to the E.R. was in order.

Back into clothes, we dashed to the car and headed down the road. Quick registration (I've never been in an emergency room that moved that efficiently!), then Triage, then into a room to meet with the doctor.

An ultrasound, much bloodwork (Shi is convinced there's a resident vampire in the hospital dependent on her blood), and a CT scan later, the diagnosis was in... a double whammy for my girl... appendicitis and a burst cyst. As we are the sarcastic type, the hubby looked over at Shi and said, "Well, I guess that's good 'cuz I'd have been pissed if we came here and it was just gas." ;-)

As the worst is behind her with the cyst, and the appendicitis is not acute, we were sent home, with prescriptions and instructions to keep an eye out for fevers and/or increased pain. We spent 3 hours in the E.R. Probably the shortest stint we've had over the many years, though I'm quite sure the bill we receive in the mail will not represent that. Ouch. It stings already.

Today she's resting, still hurting, but it's easing. Well, at least it was until the puppy decided to express his undying love and jump onto her belly. That wasn't pleasant. For any of us, lol. The doctor from last night called her first thing this morning to check on her, and all is so-far, so-good.

I have to say, it was a bit odd not having to be the one filling out the paperwork, (and with 4 kids, we've filled out a LOT of hospital paperwork, haha)... as she's an adult, she gets the honors. She's still my little girl, so yeah, it was odd. Seems a strange milestone, I suppose, watching her sign hospital admittance papers as an adult, but there it is. Sigh. Makes me feel a little old, lol. And nostalgic, which Shiloh did NOT appreciate ;-)  But one of the joys of motherhood is embarrassing your children - grown or otherwise. hehehe.

So, here we are. It's Friday, right?  ;-) Ohmygosh... I just realized how close we are to Black Friday! YIKES!

In rare form, I managed to get photos of every meal yesterday! Woot! Those are up on the Recent Coolers page. And now, I am heading back to those meal plans. Nearly there! I have the 2000 and 1800 calorie plans done, am halfway through the 1600's, then will do the 1400 plans then another batch of super-simple plans. Once they're all plugged into the shopping cart, we'll go live! Wooohoo! In the meantime, there are several FREE sample plans available, along with lots of resources to help you eat clean and take control of your nutrition. Check it out!


  1. Wow, Chelle! Hugz and prayers for Shiloh, and I hope u get to finish your Desarano tonite! Lol! You are an amazingly string woman, thanks for always sharing your life with all of us! Xoxoxo

    1. Right back at you, my strong friend!
      Thank you!!