Monday, January 14, 2013

Let the Games Begin...

Today is officially Day One. I completed my bulking (building) phase (the first of many), and have officially crossed over into the cutting/leaning phase. OMG. I finished off last night with my last un-measured meal... I had lean bbq pork, steamed green beans, string cheese, and beets. Lovely, tasty beets. I adore beets - they're kinda like crack to me, lol. I know a lot of folks can't stand them - including everyone else in my house (more for me!), but I truly love and crave beets. Alas, they are a high sugar, starchy vegetable and now off limits - which means, of course, that I ate the rest of the batch last night. ;-)

My final weight came in at 132. I gained 6 lbs total over the last 8 weeks. I can live with that.

This morning, I woke up hungry. And the mental games have begun. Was my body really hungry? Really? Or did it simply know that I was going to be cutting its rations today, and increasing its energy output? Hmmmm. Regardless, I hit the gym fasted. I did my 5 minutes of cardio warmup, then on to legs. After legs were brutalized, I did my cardio intervals, stretched, foam rolled, and then moved on to breakfast.

Upon completion of breakfast, my body told me it was still hungry. Seriously??? Why is it torturing me? I thought I could get a few days into this phase before my metabolism caught on. Drat! Suddenly I find myself craving food that I normally do not (ever) crave... namely, macaroni'n'cheese. C'mon. This is only day 1! And really, only meal 1 of day 1. What the heck? Stupid brain.

So... what'd I do in the gym? Though I'm not nearly at the levels I once was (sigh), here's today's workout...

Leg Press: 130 lbs, 10 reps, followed immediately by 5 reps with 10 count holds at the bottom (knees at 90 degrees).
Stiff Legged  Dead Lift: 15 slow reps with 40 lb barbell, 3 count hold and squeeze (the glutes) at the top.
Russian Twist with 10 lb weight plate (20 each side) followed immediately by:
Slow crunch holding 10 lb weight plate (20).
Rest 60 seconds, Repeat for a total of 4 rounds. (no rest between exercises, just a rest at the end of the circuit).
After the 4th set, I moved on to the glute-blaster for 3 rounds of 10 per leg at 70 lbs, no rest.
After that, I moved back to the elliptical for interval cardio (30 minutes).
Once that was complete, I stretched and foam rolled for 15 minutes.

And now I am sore, hungry (this has to be more mental than physical), and stinking ready for a shower. LOL!

Today, Shiloh and I are going to view a wedding venue - I've seen their pricing, I'm not hopeful. Yikes. Anyway, so my trusty cooler is ready to dash out the door. What's in it? Here's today's Daily Cooler -

What's on your plate today? How are you doing pursuing your 2013 goals?


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