Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shades of Marley...

No - not Bob Marley. Ghost Marley - as in A Christmas Carol. Kind of. It's been a weird morning. Seriously weird.

Had my coffee, kissed the hubby goodbye, then did some work. I'm trying to find that "sweet spot" workout time that works best for my body and doesn't leave me parking in the back 40 at the gym so I've been going in at different times of the day. Today I decided to try the 8am slot. So. I get dressed, take all my supplements, fill my water bottle and add my Amino's and out the door I go.

Back 40. Drat! I'm hiking in today. The gym is packed. Ugh. Oh well, I thought. I did my warmup, then proceeded to the floor. There's a set of cables that I love to use for Chest/Tricep/Shoulder day - but someone was using it. Boo. Moving on, I set up at a different cable station. I am midway through my second round (1 set of 3 different exercises = 1 round) when this elderly gentleman starts invading my space.
1954 A Christmas Carol - Basil Rathbone

INVASION of SPACE. Dude is in my face. I can't extend the cables without hitting him. I pull out my earbud and say, "Can I help you?" and I kid you not... he looked at me like this... See the picture of Marley to the right? Yeah.

I asked again, "Can I help you?"
He started muttering about using my cables.
"I'm using these," I said.
"I just want one of them" he said.
"I'm using both of them," I said. (hello, I was doing flyes!)
"You don't need to use both of them," he said.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I was just stunned. I look over and one of the Personal Trainers is about 6 feet away with a client watching this. I look at him like "huh? help?!" So he comes over and gently turns the gentleman away from me and tells him he'll have to wait his turn. When he came back, he let me know that this is a daily occurrence - that this man gets irritated and hovers and interrupts people who are using equipment he wants to use. "No joke?" I say.  "Nope. He's just like that. Sorry."  Huh.

So back to work I go. I'm pushing a little stronger now, as I've got a wee bit more adrenaline to work with, lol. Midway through my third round... He's back. He's in my space. He's reaching for the cable handle - it's IN MY HAND. ???? I tried to be nice, I tried to be gentle, to point out that there are other cable systems in the gym (like 4!!) but eventually I had to tell him that I was going to finish my workout and if he didn't move he might get hit. (I'm probably going to hell for that, aren't I?). He wandered off muttering.

Back to work. Next circuit, I'm pumping out shoulder work interspersed with my triceps when... guess who's back! OMG. This time I didn't even bother to pull out my earbud, I just told him to GO AWAY. (Oh yeah, I'm definitely going to hell.)   He continued to hover, interrupt, and do his Marley impression. I ignored him. I finished up my workout, then headed to the stair-master. He was on those cables before I could reach the cardio deck, lol. Crazy!

By the way, my entire workout takes 35 minutes, which isn't that big of a deal, and there ARE multiple cable stations in the gym. It's not like I was hogging the only cable deck for an hour. Yes - I do feel the need to defend myself, lol.

Back home I heated up my egg muffins and ate my breakfast, did more work, and hope to eventually make it into the shower, haha. Shiloh and I have another appointment to view a venue today for the wedding. We are finding that the wedding industry is one big ripoff. Man! We did find one venue, reasonably priced, that she really likes, but it's farther away than we prefer. We're still searching for the truly affordable. Wish us luck.

Oh - and tomorrow? I am NOT going to the gym at 8am. I don't need another visit from Marley.


  1. You're not going to hell! I've not taken my ear buds out for my kids (as long as I'm not the only adult, lol). Good luck on the wedding planning, we got married at the Sunburst Resort in Scottsdale and finding that place was a miracle. I swear, everything is so expensive when it comes to weddings!

    1. Hi Ashley! Thanks! :-)
      Sunburst is now FireSky, right? I looked them up, and am checking pricing... we'll see if they're still a miracle, lol!! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Wow. What a morning, Chelle. No such thing as hell. LOL Don't worry about that guy. He probably gets a secret thrill from doing that. I bet he has a special book where he writes down everyone's reaction. I go to the military base gym which is a fully equipped, Olympic-style gym that is 7 minutes from our house and absolutely, positively free. It's open seven days a week including holidays and on nonholidays it is open Monday at 5 am until 11 pm Friday night (pretty much 24 hours). When I started going, I went after work at first (I work from home, too), at around 330, but it would quickly fill up with young military guys. So I tried 1 pm which is when active duty should be back from lunch, kind of quiet but only for half an hour or so. So then I tried 8 am! Nope! That didn't work because all active duty are required to put in PT (physical training) hours, so 20 or 30 guys and girls would come in and some would work out, some would sit on benches, machines, etc, and surf their phones. It was crazy. So finally I asked one of the employes there (not a personal trainer) what the best time to come in was. His answer was 3 or 330 in the morning! I balked at that, tried various other times, never found a comfort slot, so I said WTH, set my alarm one night, got up at 315 am, and went to the gym. And since that day, for the last 4 months on Tuesdays through Fridays I'm there every day by 345 am and it has been fantastic. Either I have the entire weight room to myself or maybe 2 or 3 other guys come in who are serious weight lifters. I go to bed earlier, but it has been worth it. I'm out of there by 5 or 530 at the latest and I beat the crowd. I also start work much earlier because I'm so revved up when I get home. Win win. :D

    1. LOL! It's crazy what we have to do to get the gym to ourselves, right? :-D My normal time for years has been 6am, but it's gotten more and more crowded at that time - boooo! I've noticed, too that I feel better when my workout is done early, so I'll probably have to play around with going before six. Drat! Means I have to go to bed earlier, lol!

    2. LOL! I know! Going to bed earlier was the hardest part for me, but since I have been taking ZMA at night (I take a 3 mg melatonin and 3 tablets of magnesium-zinc (400 mg total)/(zinc 15 mg total), I sleep like a rock and no matter how late I go to bed (at the latest 10, preference is 9, and if my daughter calls it could be much later), I wake up feeling like I had 8 hours of sleep. I also do everything for the next morning after I finish work. Get my clothes ready for the next day, wash and fill water bottle, prepack postworkout and preworkout shakes and fruit. Since it has been cold here, I put everything in the car before I go to bed. Chelle, I am so regimented now that I even sleep in my workout bra. If I could get away with it, I'd sleep in my workout clothes. Drives hubby bananas but what can I say. I also don't shower at the gym. I don't see the point since I live so close, plus it's kind of creepy when I'm in there all by myself, but I'm sure that has something to do with the one time I showered there and the lights went out, and stayed out.

      You'll figure out a good time to go. I do find myself getting rather irritated and possessive on the rare mornings when I walk into MY gym and someone else is there, but I let them stay. LOL I suppose I'm spoiled now.

      By the way, I made your chicken and egg muffins (the ones with black beans)and they are super super delicious. Thank you for the great recipes. :D

  3. oh wow!! we have ppl like that at my gym too!!!!!!!
    and im not sure how flexible your schedule allows but try going around 2:00.
    that way,the go to gym on lunch breakers are out of the way and you can get your workout in before the high school kids get there and after work folk get there...

    oh and good luck with the wedding and such!!!

    1. Hi Melissa! Thanks! My gym is the 'official' gym of the local HS sports teams so afternoons can get really scary, lol. That usually hits at 3, so I'll give 2pm a shot today and we'll see how it goes!

  4. Girl, I am so piggy-backing off of this. Something similar happened to me this morning! It must be going around.

  5. You still rock Chelle, I miss you!


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