Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Wonders of Wednesdays

hey, a word to the wise... don't google images for "humpday".
Oh dear! I now need to sanitize my web cache!
So here we are. Halfway through the week. Humpday. I always disliked that term. Anyway. What's so wonderful about Wednesday, except that it's a few days away from the weekend?

How about the fact that the week isn't over yet and you can still move toward your goals? Yep. You can. You heard me. Had a rough start to the week with your clean eating and exercise? You've still got time to make this week count. It's only Wednesday ;-) Get goin! What're you waiting for, MONDAY? No way! Don't lose another minute, another day! Where ya' at? Start there. That's what I'm doing.

I'm gonna make a confession. I didn't do my food prep this week. Oh, I have clean eats readily available, but my usual whirlwind of meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and chopping - well, it didn't happen. What I did do was attend the bridal expo with my daughter, and on Sunday, the hubby, me, and said daughter headed to the salon where she tried on her dress for Bill and we subsequently purchased it (and the veil, and the etc), then we spent the afternoon together. It was nice. Those kinds of days don't come often, and I cherished every moment.

I still had enough leftovers to tide us over for a day or two, so I didn't sweat it. Monday I picked up some (clean) pre-cooked chicken breast and fresh produce, then baked up a bag of Swai. There's food. It's clean. It's available. And I'll hit the grocery today to get a few more staples for the family. The week of clean eating isn't doomed because I didn't do my Sunday prep. Sure, I'm not as well organized this week, and there isn't a lot of variety in our food, but with a trip here and there to the store (I'm out of salad greens and bananas), we'll make it through.

Don't waste what's left of the week because you think it's too late to make progress. Point yourself in the direction you want to travel and take the steps. Missed a workout? Get one in. Ate off plan? Get back on. Think you can just slide the rest of the week and "start fresh Monday"? Pfft. Right. How well has that been working out for you? If you're anything like me, not well at all. I've been there, done that. Ya'll know my story.

It's January 16th folks... this is when the vast majority of us toss out our New Year Resolutions. It's also the time when that tiny percentage of us decide not to. You can persevere. Keep going. You've got a goal to reach, and you absolutely can! It doesn't matter where you stand right now... what matters is the next step you take. Each moment has potential that is not lost or wasted as a result of the moment that came before it.
Make it count.

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  1. Thanks for the boost Chelle, it is so true that if we get slightly derailed we jump off the track all together.. i know i too have had to make some adjustments this past week..i was very tempted to throw my hands in the air and yell "i give up" ok.. maybe i did for a few moments... but it isn't an all or nothing gig here.. it is a life long 24/7 committment to taking better care of myself and my body... so onward ho indeed!!!..
    so glad you maximized your weekend!