Monday, February 18, 2013


My weekend FLEW by, how about yours? I've stayed on track - getting my food and workouts in. I've had to modify, reduce some weights, but it's happening... and that's what matters.

This morning I did a modified leg workout (stupid knee, lol) and stairs. Kicked my butt. Tonight I'll be going back for another cardio session. The Arnold is right around the corner! Speaking of... I did a test tan this weekend. I don't need anything oompa-loompa'ish, since I'm not competing, lol, but I do need some color so I don't scare off anyone.

I wore tank tops to the gym last week and felt that I needed to warn my fellow gym-goers to bring their sunglasses. Anyway... I tried out a new product from a local gal - it's a spray tan, but all organic. I was impressed! It dried super fast, looked natural, and didn't stink. Um.. YAY! After I showered it off this morning, I was thrilled with the color! Wow! And it survived my a.m. workout, hahaha.

If you're local here, and you're looking for a tanning solution - I encourage you to contact Mandy and set up an appointment. She was truly fabulous and I'm really happy with the product!

Ok... I've got a boatload to do, so I'm signing off for now. Already my day is flying by! YIKES!
Must be Monday!

Oh... and in case you're wondering... I am LOVING my TENS unit!! :-)  Woot!!!!


  1. i find my weekends are slow... but then my schedule is a little different... and i so look forward to having a nice quiet house during the week... hey... a girl can dream!
    glad your tan is working for you..have a great week

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