Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One More Sleeps...

It's almost here!! 2013 Arnold Sports Festival!! Our flight leaves tomorrow evening!!!! Wooooohoooo!!!! Yes - I am doing a happy dance. Yes - my children are mortified.

It's been a crazy week already.  Funny things, irritating things, exciting things... a few highlights - I don't get much hate-mail or hate-messages. I guess I'm just sliding under the radar ;-) but on Sunday I was called a douche. LOL. Not because of my clean eating or my fitness or even my amazing snarkasm. It was because I complained about the Machido vs Henderson fight on UFC 157. Yeah. Lol. Sorry, but it just wasn't entertaining. If I want to watch dancing, I'll tune into Dancing With the Stars. ;-) Now, the girls - Rousey vs Carmouche - AMAZING! Those girls brought it! Can't wait to see more!  Anyway - I ramble. So yes, I was called a douche for expressing my preference in UFC entertainment.

Then Tuesday I went to the bookstore (new JD Robb In Death book!!!) and as I was walking out, an older gentleman opened the door for me, I thanked him, and he said, "Age before Beauty."  I was busting a gut laughing. It took a moment, then he realized what he'd said and quickly tried backtracking. I just kept laughing.

Back home, I headed downstairs (FOOD) with Shiloh behind me when she said, "Mom, you smell like a prostitute." ???? "NO!! I meant that as a compliment! You smell good, like a high end hooker, like the kind who meet with presidents..." Better shut up now, kid, you're digging your hole deeper. Hahaha. I think what she was trying to say was my perfume smelled sexy. That's what I'm going with. LOL.

Which brings us to Wednesday - I did chest/triceps plus my stair-monster this morning. I've got a million things to do today, plus packing, then tomorrow I have my gym-time and a much needed Dr appt. Probably gonna get poked again (cortisone) but I timed it so the required time off lifting will coincide with my trip. ;-) I should be able to hit the weights again by the end of next week.

My food is all the same as usual with the exception of swapping out some chicken for white fish. And eating a lot more asparagus. And if you've ever eaten a lot of asparagus, you know about the side effects, lol.

Can you tell my brain is a little - scattered? Hahaha. I've got a running to-do list in my head, plus I'm excited, plus a million other things... oh dear! LOL! And since I just got back from the gym, I slightly resemble a googly-eyed troll doll. Haha! Shower-time!!!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. stoked for you!! you have worked so hard for this event and i am so inspired and motivated by all that you have pushed through and accomplish... and ps... i love your snarkasm!have a fantastic time... take it all in... you've worked for it.. it's YOURS!!!