Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sweat Sluts...

Ya'll have heard me use that term before ;-) I coined it and I am unabashedly, a sweat-slut. I go through workout clothes like crazy, shower more than anyone I know, and burn out a LOT of ear-buds (for some reason, the technology isn't made to mix with sweat, go figure). And just in case anyone is wondering - I also use a LOT of antibacterial wipes at the gym - wiping down my equipment after I'm done. I am NOT that person who leaves a trail of sweat behind them. Not cool.

Anyway... on this lovely, quiet Friday-eve ;-) I got to playing around and decided to make a visual to go with the nickname. Just looking at this makes me ready to go another round. I've got goals to reach, and the more I sweat, the closer I get.

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