Friday, February 1, 2013

The World's MOST Comfy Cardio Shoes!

I just have to tell the world! I have found the world's most comfy cardio shoes. EVER! Now, I know that shoes are pretty subjective - the right shoe for you might not work for me, and of course you have to factor in what you're wearing the shoes for - running, cross-training, etc. Because I'm doing so much time in the gym (and yes, there are days it feels like I'm doing time, lol), my gym shoes ran out of life a bit earlier than I expected. Boooo. My dogs were a'barkin! And with as much time as I have ahead of me doing cardio before the Arnold... I need happy feet. So, I bit the bullet and headed out shoe shopping.

Stop 1 - Sports Authority for Nikes. Nike has been my go-to gym shoe for years. And true to form, I found a pair that fit nicely. In my car they went.

Stop 2 - Skechers. Ya'll know I love my Skechers. I mean, LOVE. The Go-Walk's are my every day shoes. I have 3 pair. They're awesome. But I'd never tried their athletic shoes. I found a comfy pair, walked, jumped, lunged... all good. In my car they went.

Next morning - I wore the Nikes to the gym. They were awesome on the gym floor for my workout, but once I hit the stairmaster I wanted to cry. OUCH. It was like the toe area shrank! So in the afternoon, I went back for round 2 wearing my Skechers. As I walked into the gym, they felt great - then I got on the elliptical. Again, it was as if the toe area just shrank up. Weird - and painful. Truly one of the longest cardio sessions of my life!

Next day - returned the Skechers, and went in search of another pair for cardio. I ended up walking into my local Sport Chalet and was a bit overwhelmed by all the various shoes. UGH. Can't someone just put a sign up that says, "Hey, Chelle! These ones!"

Then I saw it.

The sign.

Ok, it didn't have my name on it, but it was a display table with only one pair of shoes and the sign said...."CARDIO COMFORT"    For real? I thought. Let's give it a whirl... the very nice gentlemen pulled my size and I put them on.

And the angels sang.

I am not kidding. Ok, maybe exaggerating a wee bit. But seriously. The toe area was nice and wide, the shoe itself was super cushiony, but I felt really supported and secure. I stepped up and down on the bench, I lunged, jumped, did all my usual trying-on-shoes-gimmicks. Nice. Home with me they went (yes, I did just channel Yoda).   But the real test was waiting....

A.M. workout and cardio - 5 minute elliptical warmup, 45 minute shoulder workout, 40 minutes stairmaster.  Result: Can you feel true love for a pair of shoes? I think it's possible.
P.M. cardio - Result: Oh yes. It's definitely possible. These are truly the world's most comfortable cardio shoe ever. EVER!!!

And so... because I'm sure I'm not the only one who's feet are whining little babies... I must share ;-)   Here they are - The New Balance 877 WAKE UP, Cardio Comfort Shoe:,default,pd.html


  1. You can not always tell when a shoe is worn out from simply looking at it. A shoe can lose its support and still look OK from the outside.

  2. I really love it.. my feet never felt comfy.. I hope they make a different color..

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