Monday, March 4, 2013

Back from the Arnold! Wooohoo!!!!

Wow! What an amazing weekend!!! It was so exciting!!! Thank you to everyone who came by the Eat Clean Diet / Oxygen Magazine booth to say hi!!!! It was GREAT to meet ya'll in person!

Ok... so let's break it down ;-)  Bill and I flew out of Phoenix Thursday evening. I had my cooler packed and was ready! We arrived at the airport, and checked a couple bags, then headed to security. Evidently they've never seen protein shots before ;-)  I had two in a baggie (they're 3 oz each), and they raised some eyebrows. The TSA agent really wasn't sure what to make of me. I had baggies of protein powder, baggies of protein powder, oatmeal, cinnamon and chia mixed, baggies of sliced red pepper, baggies of chicken, mini cucumbers, mini condiment containers of peanut butter, bags of celery, apples, rice cakes, and about a gazillion NoGii bars. And my protein shots. Which they took outside and ran through the big bomb scanner. LOL.

So once I had my cooler packed again and my shoes on, we parked ourselves at our gate. The hubby hit up Paradise Bakery for dinner, while I whipped out my "travel salad". Yes, I was quite comfy, lol.

We spent the flight watching movies and tv shows on the iPad, and munching on my clean eats. We checked in and crashed.  The next morning, I used the coffee maker to prep my oatmeal...

Then we headed to the booth! SOOOOO much fun! It's such a great energy when so many of us are together. ECD Family - it truly felt like it.  It was so good to see Tosca, Kiersten, Rachel, Tracey, Allison, Jill, and Meredith again - plus meet new friends - Amy, Stacy, Marilyn, Fatima, Chelsea... I know I'm missing tons of amazing ECD, Oxygen, ECD, REPS, Muscle-Mag folks. It was GREAT! Everyone was so nice and it felt so good to hear so many great success stories and see so many others in progress.

Tosca has so much energy! Which was good because she talked with, took pictures with, and signed a ton of autographs for an astonishing number of people! It's awesome to see how many lives she's changed - and to know that in some small way, I'm a part of that. It's truly an honor to be an ECD Ambassador. I love it!

Friday night, the ECD Team headed out for a beautiful dinner - the waitresses face was hysterical when everyone ordered the salmon, hahaha.

Amy captured one of our fun moments on video... truly - we had a blast! As you can see ;-)
Click here to watch FB video

Tosca, Bill (my hubby), and me :-)

Saturday and Sunday were packed full of amazing people, books, magazines and crazy crowds! The hubby would meet me at the booth during my breaks and we'd (try to) wander the expo - but it was largely so packed there was simply no movement down the aisles!

We did make it to the Champion Nutrition booth and I finally got to meet my amazing sponsor in person! :-) And... Lee Banks and Skye Taylor and Sherri Gray! So much Fun!!!
The amazing Lee Banks!

Skye Taylor - absolutely gorgeous!!

Here he is! Mike Carrubba - my Champion sponsor! 
I got an awesome wrist band to go with my IAAC band (remember this?) - here's a pic:
Champion Nutrition - Rise Above!

More highlights from the weekend - I met the beautiful Sarah Huggins! She has such an amazing story, and a sweet spirit! So good to meet her face to face! You can follow her blog here:   

I also got to meet Keri Keenan of the Figure Girl World blog which has provided me with more encouragement and inspiration over the last few years than I can say! I love how honest she is about training and competing and I've looked up to her and respect her so much. It was a crazy surreal moment to see her at the ECD booth this weekend! Wow! So cool :-) My phone was dead (yeesh!), but she took a pic and sent to me. Here's her blog...

I also don't have a photo yet, but I got to spend some time (not enough!) with Don and Melanie! What fun that was!!! So good to catch up and so very exciting to see a glimpse of what's in store for them! Enjoy retirement, Don!!! Melanie - I'm so excited to see what comes next for you!! And I'm working on that non-spicy recipe, just for you! ;-)

Dr. Frederick Hatfield - co-founder and president of ISSA
I also came home with some fabulous stuff from House of Pain Clothing - incredibly comfy!!!  Here's me in the tank and sweats  - top is all rolled up showing off my non-competition hard work, lol ;-) Yeah, I'm that goofy. But you gotta remember, that prior to this last summer, I've never been able to see a flat tummy (all that loose skin, blah!), so I've been known to take a few silly pics just 'cuz I can. hahaha. Shoulda put my hand on my hip, lol, looks a little awkward. :-)

The hubby also bought me an awesome present - ya'll know me and my cooler... well, he got me a 6-pack!! I'm so excited!!! Unfortunately, they didn't have enough at the show, so I won't get it until they get more in (booo). But, here's what he bought me (thank you Bill!!!!!):

So... FOOD. Let's talk travel food. I told you already what I packed to take with. Once we were out there, I snacked on all that (I had requested a refrigerator in the room), plus hard boiled eggs, drank tons of water. Bill had all the same snacky foods I'd packed plus he had beef jerky (I avoided it due to the sodium). Dinner the first night was out with the ECD Team - salmon with steamed arugula and carrots, and we snacked on calamari, meatball, olives and I enjoyed an Amaretto Sour. Saturday dinner, the hubby and I went to Gordon Biersch where I snaked a couple of his garlic fries (ahhhh!) and I ordered chicken breast and veggies (huge surprise, right?). It started snowing, so Bill and I had our first walk in the snow together ;-)

Sunday, though, all bets were off! LOL, kidding. Once the show was done, I could relax with my diet just a bit - for dinner I enjoyed a flatbread steak & mushroom with bleu cheese - OMG - it was sooo good! And I had a latte - which I regretted this morning when my gut said, "dairy??? what's this dairy????". Lol. Tonight, back home, I ordered tacos ;-) but they messed up and gave me soft tacos - so I just scraped out the meat and veggies and tossed the tortillas. Not that there's anything wrong with tortillas, necessarily  it's just that I've got to ease back into "normal" food. Tomorrow I'll do my grocery shopping and food prep - I'll be increasing my calories, but my macros will probably stay the same. I need to decide the next steps in my goal (build muscle and hit the stage 2014).

Tonight my daughter came in and asked for one of my carefully hoarded Samoas (lol) - then said, Mom - why haven't you had any of these yet? I said, I did - I had one this afternoon.  "Mom - seriously? No one eats just one samoa. What's wrong with you?"  Hahahaha. ;-)

And here we are. I'm home, relaxing. I'm looking back on an incredible weekend with amazing people - it's such an honor to serve Tosca and The Eat Clean Diet as an Ambassador. I've been touched and changed by the stories I heard, the wonderful people I met. I was thrilled to meet my Champion Nutrition sponsor and some of the inspiring athletes that represent Champion. Truly an unforgettable weekend. I'm recharged and inspired! Now I'm looking forward to the next leg of my journey, and I'm excited!



  1. Sounds like an awesome trip, Chelle!

    I told my husband we're going next year. I'm from Dayton, so we could visit relatives. Not excited about THAT though. LOL

    Anyway, my dear, your tummy looks AMAZING!!!!!! Like a 20-year-old's. I'd definitely show that off and your breasts look fantastic, too!

  2. It was so wonderful to meet you in person!! I'll email you the picture of us tonight. So glad you had a great weekend! :)

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