Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy...

It's crazy busy around here. Spring arrived, then went into hiding, and is now peeking back out. Oy! We have finally (read: FINALLY AFTER 2+ FREAKING MONTHS) gotten the heater fixed at home - but now, wouldn't you know, the air conditioner doesn't work. It's not that we won't fix it - we lease. It's our landlord. And it's been incredibly frustrating - and uncomfortable. And yes, we are looking for a new place. Anywho...

My gym sessions are productive, and I'm increasingly sore (yay). My food is lean and clean, but I'm not able to finish every meal - just kinda pick at them, really. Working on that. Grief - it messes with your head.  Home life is packed, what-with all the wedding stuff (save the date cards arrived today!), plus high school stuff for the youngest, plus everyone's work schedules, etc. Ya'll know how it is.

In addition to work, home, and more work, I hinted previously that I'm working on something HUGE... I am. I'm nearly ready to share it! Hopefully Monday, from what I'm hearing. I CANNOT WAIT!!!  If you haven't noticed from some of my daily food photos, I'm one of those weirdos who works on her bed - the desk is too confining, lol. I like to spread out (and sit cross legged). Well - here's a peak of what my bed looks like while I'm working on this project for you...

Hahahaha - doesn't help, does it? Seriously, I am so incredibly excited about this! 



  1. Cannot Wait! about new news!!
    I understand the grief and not eating right, or eating at all. +(

    1. Yep, it's hard. :-( But being able to focus on super fun projects like what's coming helps a ton! ;-) I can't wait!!!!

  2. I'm hoping your big news will help reign me back in with better choices. Feel like I'm lacking any motivation for clean eats and exercise. I think if we got a hint of sunshine and some warmer weather (into the 40's would be improvement) it might help. :) Can't wait or your news!