Thursday, March 7, 2013

Need a Giggle?

So... Do you need a giggle? Let me share something with you...
You might not know this.
It might come as a shock.
Are you ready?
Sitting down?
Here goes...

I am a dork.

I know. It's a stunner, right? ;-)

After 40-something years (FINE, 42.5), my dorkiness is not going to change. I did not outgrow it, it will not fade. It is me. I embrace it. I name it George (no, really - I have a George in my head - just ask Tabitha!). ;-) Want some  proof that I'm a dweeb? Check out these blog posts. Go ahead, laugh. I'm used to it.

I slipped on a banana peel
I was bitten by a duck
I talk to my car
I always talk to my car
I am a danger in yoga      
I am really a danger in yoga       
No, really, I AM A DANGER in yoga
There is a Star Wars reference for everything.
I am sneaky and engage in creative parenting
I write poetry to clothing
I fall for purses (it's toward the end, and refers to this: BEASTS )
I lose battles with showers
I also lose battles with my mattress
Ummmm, and with my pool

And finally... at my mature age and sensibilities, I have finally learned to dance like no one is watching - even when someone is recording it and posting it to Facebook ;-)
Tosca and Chelle Booogie Woogie 

Laughter, folks. It's an under-rated gift of joy.


  1. You forgot your battles with turkeys!

    1. hahahah! Oh dear, I did indeed! I battle with turkeys and chase my children through the house with them! ;-) LOL!!!