Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Go Daddy IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!

Wow!!!! Yesterday was EPIC! Such a fun and wild day! I couldn't wait to share it with you guys!!! Now ya'll know that I LOVE Go Daddy. I mean, LOVE, LOVE Go Daddy. I've been a faithful customer for years! They're my go to source for domains, hosting, email, and more recently, my small business resources (like my store). Their customer support is the best - no matter what I break, they're right there to fix it. ;-) Recently, I was contacted about doing an interview sharing my experience as a Go Daddy customer. I was thrilled!

The super cool Steph gave me a call and we chatted for quite a while. It was fun! Then I found out there was more... I got another email from Steph, setting up a time for the producer and photographer to come by my house and scope it out for a photo shoot. Say again?? Billy and Rick came by, and we chatted for over an hour - all about what my business, www.RecipeForFitness.com is, what I offer, about me personally, my competing, my one-day food prep... it was fun - and a little confusing - what was all this for???

Then came the next email... Full shoot being scheduled. Hair & Makeup on site. Video, stills, interviews, spots, teleprompters... My head was spinning! How crazy was this?? The day arrived, and look what pulled up...

How cool is that??? The Go Daddy truck was parked in my driveway!! 

At 9 am sharp, my house was taken over by the incredible Go Daddy production team! I had hair and makeup (she was AWESOME, can I keep her????), wardrobe expertise by the amazing creative director, incredible photo and video, and the Executive Producer, Copywriter, and others I know I'm spacing. Everyone was so supportive and fun! It was a BLAST!!!! I felt like Cinderella gone to the ball!

They took photos and video - interviews, did a video spot for the opening of the Indy 500 (what?????), food prep, business... so many photos! Video and pics for potential advertising, for Customer Stories highlights, and wherever else they can use it. Every time I got a makeup / hair retouch I thought, "is this ME?? is this really happening??"  It was surreal! It was exciting! It was terrifying! When they said I'd be reading off a teleprompter (what????) I thought I must be dreaming! I think I managed ok, lol, but we'll see...

Actually, 7 million people will see!! Ermergerd!!!! :-D  Ya'll are tuning into the Indy 500 next month, right???  :-) hehehe!!! Can you believe this?? I just don't have the words to express what a great day - what an amazing opportunity, it was! It was also eye-opening to learn how much time and effort goes into a single photo - Holy Bejeebers! Those folks are freaking awesome! There was a boom in the kitchen, two cameras (video) going, one still photography camera, huge bright lights outside pointing in, big screens to help reflect/deflect lighting, monitors (3)... there was equipment everywhere! I was petrified that I was going to trip and break something! LOL!

The Creative Director was so sweet, and offered to take pics of the happenings with my phone...

That's my counter as seen through the viewfinder and onto the monitor... COOL!!!
Me and Billy - he's the Executive Producer for Go Daddy. And yes, they really used that clap board! Woot!

The whole team was absolutely amazing, and everyone was incredibly talented. Wow! This was over the top cool! I can't wait to see what else they do with the video and photos! And... they promised to share a few of the pics from the shoot with me!

And today... Cinderella is back at work ;-) My moments as a Rock Star and budding Go Daddy Girl have passed and work awaits. hahaha! Wow. I mean, seriously. WOW. What an extraordinary day!


Thank You, Go Daddy!!!!


  1. I think that sounds amazing, Chelle!! I will definitely being watching next month!! Your family should be so proud of you!! All that you have accomplished and have succeeded in doing!! My hat off to you!! You are a fabulous inspiration that you can do anything you set your mind too!!! Much love and gratefulness to you!!! Annette Abbott

  2. That is so cool!!!! So so happy for you and what a way to get the word out there. You will touch the lives of many.

  3. great job Chelle, like I always said you are an amazing women and role model