Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday?? How is it Thursday??

This week is flying! Last weekend I had a great time with my brother, sister and niece in town for a visit! My niece was checking out ASU and their softball program. We hung, chatted, ate, thrift-store shopped (yes, that song is stuck in my head, lol). All the good stuff. :-) It was sad to see them go back home to Sacramento, but they'll be back in August for the wedding (yay!!!).

Food prep was done - craziness as usual ;-) I got to beat the bejeeber's out of some chicken breasts - Maybe I enjoyed that part too much. My family kinda disappeared. Hahaha.

photo doesn't do it justice - this was YUMMY! Sundried tomato, spinach, provolone - YUM!

My highlight was finding Darth Vader EARBUDS! Yes! Yes, I did! And I have been wearing them to the gym all week! Folks don't notice them until I hit the cardio equipment - then those double-takes can be dangerous - just sayin'. ;-) Dude, you might wanna hold onto those railings if you are gonna stare at my earbuds while running. Lol!

I've been up to my (haha) ears in my BIG PROJECT. (can't wait!). And this weekend marks a new first for me - I'm doing a demo for Champion Nutrition! Woot! I have my table, my goodies, and I'm rarin' to go! I'll be doing a demo every Saturday this month (go away, nervous butterflies!).

Also this week was my hubby's birthday! We went to dinner at an Irish Pub (love me those dirty pear's!). Yesterday was a madhouse - tax appt, then running my youngest around between the H.S. and the community college, then (girly time) nail salon, then cramming to get work done, then bowling, then cramming work, then sleep. Ahhh, blessesd sleep.

I've been enjoying my post-workout meal more than usual lately, since I've been making my steak flatbreads ;-) I might enjoy it too much. Just sayin'.
yes, that's my post-workout-hungry-crazy face.

So that's my week so far in pictures ;-) How's YOUR week been??

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