Saturday, April 6, 2013

What I can and cannot do...

It's been quite some time since I've done a pushup. With my shoulder (destroyed AC joint, biceps tendinitis and bursitis) it's probably been about a year since I've included pushups in my routine. I miss them. Desperately. Recently I've made some gains in the gym - more range of motion, less pain, more strength. I've gone from 12 lb bent over rows to 30 lbs. I've increased from no weight on the cable machine to 50 lbs for flyes and presses. From not being able to do an overhead pulldown to doing them with 30 lbs on the cables.

With this hard won progress, I decided it was time to test the pushup. I told my husband I wanted to try it at home, with him there. I didn't want to try in the gym, in case I collapsed, but I need someone around in case.

"In case what?" Bill asked.
"Well, you know." I said.
"No... I don't." he answered.
"Just in case, like if the clavicle snaps."
"Yeah, like that. If it goes wrong I just need someone to drive me to the hospital. No big deal."
"You're a freak. You know that, right?"
"Yep. You in?"
"Yep." (I have such a great husband).

So, I roll my shoulders, stretch a bit. I'm nice and rested. Let's do this.

I get on the floor.

I get in position.

I test my weight - shoulder feels solid.

Ok. Deep breath. Here we go...

Down and up.  Pause.

"Well, how does it feel?" asks the hubby.
"Eh." I reply.

Down and up. Pause.

"Yeah. Those are still on the banned list."

I get up. Roll my shoulder - only halfway this time. Yep. Here it is. My reminder...

 For all I can do, there are still things I can't. And I should be tied up and tossed in a closet if I try to do them again.

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