Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When Will I EVER Learn???

That would be... never. Not a moment before, not a moment after. Sigh.

Yes, my friends, I did it again. Injury has struck. No - I was not struck by a car, or tackled by a random passerby. I did it to myself. Again. Oy! You know, I managed to climb onto my own roof without hurting myself...
locked my purse in my room - it had my keys.
Including my bedroom door key. UGH.
I drove out to Avondale for a Champion Nutrition demo - didn't hurt myself (though I did get lost and end up driving toward Tucson on the way home).

I even managed to tote in all the groceries without hurting myself...

I even did my food prep without burning myself! On my NEW George Foreman Grill (Evolve). 
My new toy and I grilled up tons of chicken & steak for this week's meals.
So what exactly DID I do??? 
Leg day. Yep. I did leg day. 

Here's how it (haha) went down...

Monday, I warmed up on the elliptical as usual. I made my way over to the leg press and set up my station - 30lb barbell for stiff legged deadlifts, 10lb plate and mat for my russian twists, laid out my water, towel and inhaler, stretched lightly, and set my weight for first set of leg presses. (No judging my weights - I've had such issues with my knees, hamstring, and previous herniated discs that I lift light for legs)... Warm up set, so 115lbs. Tossed out 20 like they were nothing. So I did my deadlifts, keeping my elbows bent because I needed a better stretch but can't increase the weight (shoulder). Did my twists followed by a set of pulses (ouch). Back on the leg press. Moved it to 130lb. Another 20. Too easy (which is good, yay for strong knees!). Another round of deadlifts, twists and pulses. Back on the press... 145lb - did 15 of them with solid form, still felt like I could do more (yes, that's a hint of what's coming). 'nother round of deadlifts, twists and pulses.

Time for the last round.

I moved the pin to 160 lbs. I cannot tell you the last time I pressed 160. Seriously. I was pretty darn excited to slide that pin in! One press, two press... knees feel good - they're talking but not screaming - hamstring is silent. Three press, four press, five - OUCH!!!!!!!!!!! Done. Was it the knees? Nope. My tricky hamstring? Nope. It was my freakin' BACK. WTH???

I felt lightning zip up and down my back. I think I'd been so focused that last set on the weight and my knees that I didn't hold my form. Bah. I (carefully and slowly) removed myself from the press, stretched, breathed, stretched. I finished off the rest of the round then headed over to the donkey kick machine (three sets each leg), then the leg extension (three sets with a 10 count hold on the last rep). Then stretched again, then did 20 minutes on the stairmaster.

Now, if you have followed my blog long,  you know that I use the stairmaster like my own personal b##ch. It's not mindless stepping to nowhere. Each step I am flexing from toes to core, pressing through, pushing down. It's a killer workout. Well, my legs were so toast by the time I hit the stairmaster, every time I tried to push through a step, my legs started wobbling - bigtime! Lol! So, for the first time in several years, my 20 minutes was simply light steps to nowhere, haha. I then dedicated 15 minutes just to stretching out my back and legs.

Once home, I reached for the ice and the most amazing new product on the market... Bengay  Zero Degrees. Ahhhhh! I am tellin' ya, folks... it's worth every penny. Doesn't do a whole lot for my bad shoulder, but for my back and hamstring it's a little slice of heaven! Heaven during a snowstorm! LOL!

I am still using the ice pack and bengay. The pain is pretty strictly in my lower back. I'm also popping Wobenzyme. I did chest/triceps yesterday with only 12 minutes on the stairmaster (back was squacking). Today I took an active rest day. Movin' around, stretching, icing, bengay'ing. Lol. Tonight is bowling - I'm a tad bit nervous - we'll see how I feel during the warmup.

Seriously, though. When will I EVER learn??? I need a keeper! Yikes!!!


  1. Hey Chelle: HOpe the back is feeling better. I have been reading your blog for a while, and I find you such a positive force. I recently started my own weight loss campaign, and wanted to share my own snarky humor with you have been very funny and very inspirational.

    1. Love it, Rachel! Thanks for the share! Actually :-) I already follow your blog! And love it!!!! :-D

  2. Ouch!! Sounds painful. I have to say that seeing you standing on the very top of that ladder just about took my breath away. I thought for sure you were going to say that the ladder went out from under you. I follow your site religiously but never post. I started working out with a PT and trying to clean up my meal choices, so far it's going ok. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. LOL! Lemme tell ya, Mary Ann, it was pretty scary! I kept thinking, "don't fall, just don't fall!" LOL!!!
      Good for you! You're headed in the right direction!!! Let me know if I can help in your journey! :-D