Sunday, April 7, 2013

Who's coming to visit?

GoDaddy! What???? Yep!

A couple weeks ago I got an email from GoDaddy about a presentation they're putting together to highlight local businesses who partner with GoDaddy for internet solutions. I had a fun conversation / interview with one of the folks involved, which then led to me being moved on to the next phase - a phone call from the producer. He and his photographer are coming here (my home) tomorrow evening to "scout". From there, they'll determine the best way to tell my GoDaddy story and if all goes well, I'll be included in the final project! How freakin' cool is this????

Anyway - ya'll know me. I'm cool, calm and collected. NOT.
NOT EVER. lol!

I flew into a panic of spring cleaning that left my family to fall in line or get the hell out of the way. Shiloh got out of the way, everyone else fell in line, haha. Now, my house is clean, my counters uncluttered, my carpet cleaned (though it's crap rental-home carpeting that was NEVER cleaned before we moved in 3 years ago, and though we've done our best it still looks like CRAP), my walls scrubbed (again - rental-home paint... I think as much came off from the scrubbing as stayed on the walls), my baseboards done... etc.

We're still sans-air conditioning, so I'm grateful that the team is coming in the evening rather than the heat of the day. I'd hate to boil them. Not a good first impression. ;-)  The landlord is supposed to come over (again) tomorrow to "fix" the air (again). Cross your fingers!

Now that the panic has passed, the house is clean, the laundry is going... now... I'm brewin' myself some iced tea and relaxing! LOL!

Did ya'll see the pics on Facebook from my demo this weekend?? Champion Nutrition (my amazing sponsor) asked me to demo their products at my local Vitamin Shoppes. My first one was saturday in Phoenix. I had a great time! Looking forward to next weekend (Avondale store). woot!

I also served my protein-laced granola to showcase how you can use protein powder in things other than shakes ;-)  Here's the recipe:


  1. That is so awesome Chel! Glad to see things are going good. I am sure the visit will go great and sounds like you are doing good with showcasing the products..congrats!!

  2. Im truly happy for you, Chelle! You are doing and accomplishing big things!!! Thank u for always sharing your journey with all of us! Cant wait to hear the outcome of your GoDaddy visit!! That is so exciting!!! Xoxox