Friday, May 31, 2013

Ahhhh, Friday!

It's a little odd how these short weeks (Monday was a holiday) feel even longer than usual - or maybe they're just more stressful than normal since we're trying to catch up on a "lost" day. Either way... Yay for Friday! lol! The bummer is that I've got a houseful of sickies. :-( The hubby and the youngest are both down with allergies/respiratory infections. At this moment, my poor husband is laid out in his/my recliner snoring away like a champ. So much for date night, lol. ;-)

My elbow is sooooo much better than yesterday! I've been dutifully using my topical NSAID and my trusty ice pack, and I can now stretch it out (though slowly). I still can't grip anything heavy, but I can make a fist (progress!).

Shiloh has arrived safely in Sacramento where she's now spending time with my family :-) Wish I was there, too! She's got all kinds of fun pre-wedding things to do while they're together. I don't know about those of you with kids, but I sweat until I know my kids have safely arrived at their destinations... they all joke about it, but it's no joke for me, lemme tell ya! When I finally heard from Shi - she sent me a text saying "been here an hour." Lol. And I've got Joey driving back today from Texas, too! And he makes me more nervous because he keeps posting photos of his trip on facebook, lol. I'll feel more relaxed when he, too, arrives safely.

The last couple days have been a little like christmas ;-)  Yesterday my 2nd batch of shirts arrived... I now have both of these ready to go, and am just waiting on two more, then they'll all be available for purchase in the Recipe For Fitness Store.

Then, as if that wasn't exciting enough for me ;-)  today's deliveries brought a supply package from my awesome sponsor - Champion Performance (formerly Champion Nutrition) for my upcoming demos, and a gift package from Go Daddy!

How cool is that????? Woooot!!

I've been horrible at posting my food this week - what with fighting the asthma, the elbow, and everything else, pictures just haven't happened. I've been eating a lot of tomato soup (figured out to drink it from a mug instead of trying to eat it left handed, lol), and variations on this...
Crockpot pork verde and steamed veggies.
 and this...
Protein Ice Cream

So, the weekend is now officially here. It's time to slow down, put away the work, the studies, and spend time with my family. I'm thinking since everyone is sick, it'll be a quiet night - maybe we'll catch up on the DVR and a movie. What are you all up to this weekend? Anyone have some fun stuff planned?


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