Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bridal Shower, Indy 500 Commercial, and More!

What an amazing weekend! We were thrilled to have Jared back home again, as was Shiloh, lol. He had all his gear with him and it was fascinating to see how equipped our soldiers are. More than a little scary to be honest, but still a bit reassuring. The whole getup weighs anywhere between 125 and 150 lbs. I tried on his vest and helmet - and have to say it was like being trapped inside the Michelin Man, lol. I got a wee bit claustrophobic, but was overwhelmed with respect for what our men and women do. I also tested the weight of his pack and was astonished! The strength and endurance these kids have just to walk around with this stuff is incredible. And to know that they don this gear to serve and protect is just humbling.

Jared wasn't the only soldier home for the holiday, and we enjoyed time with several others, too. One of them, Haley is another of "my" kids and it was wonderful to have her visit. She was able to attend Shiloh's bridal shower, which was a blast, and shared a variety of "horror" stories about her boot camp experience. We laughed and cringed through the tales. At one point though, this sweet, funny, light-hearted girl talked about a particular drill sergeant who's "sole purpose is to make our lives as miserable as possible" and how this woman broke her down - she got very serious and said, "That woman made me a Marine, and I'll never stop being grateful." I realized then that this was no longer little Hayley the kids had grown up with - this was a woman who had become something so much More. Again, humbling. And awe-inspiring. These kids are truly an amazement to me.

Our family proudly has heroes who have served, and are currently serving, 
in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. 

Saturday morning, the boys headed off to hit some golf balls, Shiloh struggled to wake up (lol), then she, Bethany and I hit the nail salon for some pedi's. Shiloh's bridal shower was beautiful. Her maid of honor/best friend and her family are like a 2nd family to my daughter and they truly went out of their way to make her day special. The food was fantastic - including a completely-from-scratch chicken caesar salad (minus the anchovies) that I tried to get the recipe for... Briana's mom told me not to take it personally when her husband wouldn't say a peep - she had to wait til the ink dried on the marriage license before she got the recipe ;-) LOL!

(click on photos to view larger)
Jared and Bill

Why is the sun shining so EARLY???

Much more awake now, lol

Shiloh & the Squires ladies
(that's Gramma peeking through,
Mamma Squires was MIA for this photo)
Shiloh and Briana
Shiloh and Bethany
(yes, my youngest is taller, lol)

Shiloh and Haley

Shiloh and Jared
Can you believe I didn't get a photo of Shiloh with me?? Yeesh! Mommy's fallin' down on the job! 

The next day was the Indy 500. Bill and I dosed ourselves with coffee, lol, and turned on the tv. We watched the whole pre-race presentation (and DVR'd it, lol) as we had no idea when the Go Daddy spot would be shown. They did such a great job with the pre-race (and the race itself was spectactular, too!)! Anyway, just before the "Start Your Engines", the spot was played. I was so shocked to see my face! LOL! I immediately teared up and then cried through the whole thing - so overwhelming and awesome! We had to back up the recording so I could actually see the spot, lol.

The piece was fabulous, and it was so great to see the other small businesses involved - I hope they had as much fun as I did with the process! :-)  It was extra cool to have the commercial begin and end with me, wow! And of course, Bill had to count how many times I was in it - 5, if you were wondering, lol. To make it even more amazing, as soon as it ended, my phone rang - it was my son, Joey, who's in Texas on a job (FlexGround / FlexGrass) - his boss had pulled him off the job and put him in front of a tv so he wouldn't miss the spot. How freaking cool was that?? Then my mom texted - she'd seen it, too!! Woot! :-)

Video courtesy of Westcott BBQ Grills https://www.facebook.com/WestcottBbqGrills

All in all, it was an amazing weekend! Yesterday we grilled and enjoyed spending time together - family and friends. We're grilling more and more as the weather heats up - yesterday was kabobs - steak & veggies ;-) And thankfully, I made extra so I've got some clean eats for today until I can get my rear in gear and head to the store.

Unfortunately, the rest of my weekend food was a little ugly, lol (just being honest), but this week I'll be right back on track. I'm not as frazzled or hurried - before the weekend I finally finished off another paper for my next certification (fyi - technical papers are NO fun to read, particularly when you have to read through hundreds of them to cull out ones that apply to your topic). Our Cosmonaut has finished the school year and moved on, and we're grateful we were able to be there for her when she needed us. And Bethany, my baby, begins college today. Wow!

So yes, a fantastic weekend behind us, and a bright new week ahead. :-) Woot!!

PS... I'll be back shortly with a new Champion Performance Recipe of the Week. ;-)


  1. That video is so cool! You were so cool and collected, just a natural!

  2. Love your blog Chelle, great stories about your military hero's and having a very strong female Marine to inspire us with, too! That's so awesome! I was so excited to see you on TV. I had tears in my eye, too. I know how hard you work, and you are such an inspirational person. Best of luck to you in everything you do! Keep on motivating us with your blogs and posts! We all adore you, Sister! Wooo Hooo! XOXOXO ~Kymberly

  3. Thanks so much, Ladies!! :-D Your support is VERY appreciated!!! :-D