Monday, May 13, 2013

Fresh new week...

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! Mine was fabulous. All the kids came home for the day, bringing several friends - we chilled in the pool, we grilled, we ate, and we had a terrific time! Jared and his mom joined us, too :-) It's so good to have him home, even if for a few days!
love the flash-eyes, lol!

Saturday was busy - I did a Champion Nutrition demo in West Phoenix, then Sunday we had our bbq, and today I'm heading back to another Vitamin Shoppe closer to home to do another demo. I'm really enjoying meeting people and talking about workout nutrition :-) It's a lot of fun!

This is a packed month! I've got two more demos this month, my daughter's bridal shower, my other daughter's birthday, plus all the usual going's on. It's already flying by - I can't believe we're nearly halfway through May! Yikes! Anyone else feel like they're losing time? Lol!

Speaking of Time Flying - Tosca Reno's 54th birthday is around the corner! Can you believe it?? Talk about someone who is Forever Young! If she, and her Eat Clean message have changed your life, here's an opportunity to share it with her as a special birthday presentation! Check out the Life Changer Roundup on!! You can write in a message, or you can video one! Here's the link...

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