Monday, May 6, 2013


I am back stateside, with a relaxed mind, a rested body, a pile of laundry and a sunburn that lights up the room. LOL! Seriously, I cannot remember the last time I burned this badly - I look like a tomato. And yes, I most certainly was using sunscreen. The most ridiculous part is my back... you see, I cannot reach my back, so of course, I turned to my beloved husband and asked sweetly, "please? can you spray my back?"  Being the loving and attentive husband that he is, he graciously agreed, sprayed, and promptly went back to relaxing. As did I. So relaxed was I, that I promptly fell asleep.

Three points to be made here...

First - sleeping in the sun is NEVER a good idea. Enough said.

Second- the wind was blowing pretty strongly.

Third- sunscreen only works on skin it has been applied to.

Can you see where this is going?

I have a z-shaped white stripe on my back. Yes. Yes, I do.
I know the lighting isn't great, but you can see part of the Z
To make matters even better, when my sweet husband woke me, worried that I was beginning to redden, I rolled over, and (again) promptly fell asleep. Because the wind was blowing so cool off the water, I never felt the burning heat - and I scorched. Since I had unwisely chosen to wear the halter bikini with the center ring...

I have a large white O on my chest, to go with the Z on my back.

I spent the rest of the day and evening applying solarcaine, aloe, and avoiding direct skin contact with anything. Not the most comfortable evening, lol, but we had good friends, good food, good tunes, and an amazing view ;-)

Apart from my sun-fail, the trip was a blast - we hung out at the pool bar (best pina colada's ever!), ate tacos, chilled, visited Port, bought shrimp, sunglasses and pottery, ate, drank (including gallons of water), played, drove a Rhino in a sand/wind storm (wow, that was an experience, LOL!!), ... and holding with my inability to understand time and distance when I imbibe - I decided it was a brilliant idea to walk out at low tide to try and reach the shrimp boats. ;-) Ha! I woke to an incredibly tired, tolerant, protective, and amused husband, my sopping wet sandy clothing in the tub and a craving for shrimp.

We had a great time. We truly relaxed, enjoyed the moments, and achieved rest. I didn't study. I didn't work. I didn't workout. I didn't even exercise at all other than walking (lots and lots of walking), kicking in the water, and of course - my infamous shrimp boat excursion. We left our bedroom patio slider open each night and slept to the song of the surf crashing on the beach.

Hard to leave this view behind! But we've been coming here for years, and know that it'll be right there waiting for us next time!
We returned this afternoon (fyi, today is Bill and I's wedding anniversary), and our son surprised us by coming over and grilling burgers. Tonight, Bethany and our Cosmonaut are at their respective jobs, Shi is in the backyard skyping with a friend, and Bill and I are catching up on NCIS and NCIS L.A. while enjoying a quiet glass of red wine. It's a precious, cherished moment in time that we're holding onto with both hands.

About Our Anniversary...
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