Thursday, May 2, 2013

One more sleep....

I am so excited!! The light at the end of the tunnel is brighter, closer, and NOT a train! Tomorrow morning, we load up our car and head south of the border to our favorite place in Rocky Point - Las Palomas! Woooohoooo!!!!

My hubby has been burning the candle at both ends, and I suppose so have I, lol. We're burnt. Bill, who usually has to be pried out of town with a crowbar, was the one to put his foot down and say, "hey, we gotta get outta here and take a break." Ironically, I was the one fighting it - too much to do, no time, paying for a wedding... I had all the excuses. He kept that foot down, and we booked our stay. Once the money was paid and confirmation received, I actually started looking forward to it instead of dreading the "lost" time. Ha!

We're heading out with a couple friends, and fun, sun, and FOOD (which of course, includes booze, haha) are the only things on the itinerary. I don't even have a notebook for this trip! LOL! And I'm not packing any workout clothes, either! Total break. Ahhhhhh. I can hear the surf already ;-)

This week has been crazy - probably more so since we're now counting down to departure. My super-awesome project that I can't wait to share with you and launch is steadily coming together, my work for the former-boss is plugging away (he's launching a new condo community and I'm doing all the art/graphics/print media/web stuff for it), Recipe For Fitness is growing, and my further studies are continuing - albeit with fits and starts, but I'm still moving forward.  

Additionally, my shoulder's range of motion is continuing to improve, though the tennis-elbow is back (booo!). We only have one more week of bowling, then we're taking the summer off - hopefully that'll give the darn joint time to heal completely before we hit the fall season again.  My back however.... DRAT! Too much caffeine and too much weight led to me pulling something in my back on the leg press - well, it's either my back or my rib - the rib spasms and the back directly opposite aches like a pull. OY! Seriously - I'm starting to wonder if I can go a single week without injury. Bleh!

Wedding plans are all progressing on schedule - the closer it gets, the more my Mommy-heart gets wiggy. Lol. Jared will be transferring to Miramar shortly, and will have some leave-time to come home and visit. We're all looking forward to it. The other kids are all busy and pursuing their goals - we're even heavy one cosmonaut (haha, 10 pts if you know the movie!) as one of our youngest's friends is in the midst of a major crisis and staying with us until graduation. My heart goes out to her, and as is often the case when I think of my own children's genetic-material-donor, I become furious at how she's being treated - I think my eyes might even glow red. Though I've seen it over and over with my own children, I am still surprised at the behavior of adults toward their own progeny. Unfathomable! Ok, done venting now.

So... I know many of you have wondered ('cuz you've emailed me and asked, lol) what my next big Move Outside the Box challenge will be. I still don't know. I'm seriously considering Stefanie's suggestion, though after watching one of her videos, I am quite sure I would end up hurting someone. Even though I survived the  Burlesque experience, there's still a block in my mind that tells me my hips and shoulders cannot move independently of one another. Anyway, I'm still thinking on it. I've got so much on my plate already, that I'd like to finish off a couple projects before adding something new. But it's stewing... simmering away in the back of my head. Bwah-haha-haha!

I have to get moving... tons to do before I can make my escape! ;-) Here's a peak at where we're headed... Happy Weekend, Everyone!!!

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  1. ...which is why it might be so great! Get you over that mental block! Finish what you need to complete, and if (I mean, WHEN lol) you decide it is right for you, I've got your back...just like you've got mine! Enjoy your vacay and drink something with a little umbrella in it!