Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Got an A+ Wooooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!

Remember I just finished up more academics? Well, I got the news today... I passed my Sports Performance Nutrition (nutrition for Athletes and Elite Athletes) with a 98% !!!! 

Yes - I am doing my happy dance. 
No - it is not pretty (think Elaine on Seinfeld. 'Nuff said). 
Yes - my children are mortified. ;-)

I am so excited - not just to be done (which I shared about here) but to have made a great showing, too. It's important to me to do more than just show up, and I care enough about myself and my clients to strive to excel. I'm grateful to have done so.  Here are a couple of the things ISSA said about me...

"Your work on the examination has been second to none. Although I have read countless articles on nutrition, I thoroughly enjoyed your research paper and the way you presented your paper on Vitamin D and Performance. "
"We feel fortunate to have a trainer of your caliber representing ISSA as a Specialist in Performance Nutrition in Scottsdale, AZ. "

How freakin' cool is that??? I'm flying HIGH! I was thrilled to get my A+ but to have ISSA say what they did... it's just amazing!

Several folks asked me on facebook about the Vitamin D paper I wrote. I have it here and hope that it's helpful. It's also located on my main Nutrition page as Vitamin D and Athletic Performance.

And now I'm waiting for the hubby to get home so we can crack open a bottle of red and celebrate! Woot! :-D


  1. Congratulations!!! That is wonderful.

  2. Congrats!! That is awesome!! Way to go!! Do that happy dance!!

  3. Wow! Congratulations for passing your Sports Performance Nutrition! I'm pretty sure you're really awesome that's why you passed it with flying colors! Cheers!

  4. Congratulations! Honestly, after reading your blog for a long time, I would expect no less, lol!