Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Fun and Sunday Food Prep

It's 6pm on Sunday... the laundry is going, the food is prepped, the tasks complete... and I'm sitting here rubbing my sore back and heels. Lol. I spent a bit more time in the kitchen than usual for my one-day food prep, as I wanted to prepare a favorite for my family... breakfast burritos ;-)

Friday was a blur - both my hubby's truck and my daughter's car had to go into the shop, so off we all drove (I was everyone's ride home). We dropped Shi back off at home, then Bill and I ran some errands before heading back home to the perfect end to a busy day - POOL TIME! Ahhhhh! We enjoyed a fun evening then called it an early night since Bill had to go golfing in the morning (FYI - if anyone is looking for a great pair of golf shoes, Bill loves his new Go-Golf shoes from Skechers!).

Saturday Bill golfed with his Dad and friend, then he came home and Shiloh and I left with her bff Briana to go do hair and makeup trials for the wedding. It was a lot of fun, and when Shi was done with her hair and makeup I did have to fight back tears. Can't believe my baby girl is getting married. Yeesh!

Back from that, we ran to pick up the truck and car - but for some reason the shop who has always been very trustworthy wanted to gut us over the work for Shi's car. No go. So off we went to Tempe where the quote was much more reasonable. Back from that, Bill and I headed to our favorite date-night location - Studio Movie Grill.

I love going there... I can either enjoy a treat meal or I can stay on track by ordering the grilled chicken tenders with raw veggies. YUM!! As you can see, I stayed on track this week ;-)

If you're looking for a good film to see... Now You See Me is incredible!! Truly brilliant! We loved it! Wow!

That brings us to today... we drove down to Tempe to pick up Shi's car. They did such an incredible job for such an amazing price, that Bill is having them do some more work on his truck (cosmetic guy-stuff). Then because Bethany had my car, Bill graciously took me grocery shopping (he hates shopping. HATES.). Back home it was time to dive in and get it all cooked up.

I cooked up a batch of taco meat for taco salads and wraps, while I brewed another pitcher of ice tea (we're going through a ton of this! It's soooo good!).

1 lb clean chorizo, 1 lb ground chicken breast, after cooking meat, add 1 15-ozcan drained & rinsed black beans, and 1 8-oz can sliced black olives (rinsed and drained). 
Add 4 tea bags to 1 qt boiling water. Let steep 10-15 minutes. Fill pitcher with ice, pour tea over ice, and refrigerate.
Next up was the meat for the breakfast burritos. While that cooked, I chopped veggies for the meat mix for the stuffed peppers.

The only thing missing from the typical recipe is the rice, which since I want to have these, too, I eliminated (it's already got a tortilla, bit of black bean,and potato for carbs).
View Recipe

That's where it got complicated. Not that the process is complicated, just that I'm a dork. You see, the breakfast burritos are stuffed full of a meat mixture (this time it was clean chorizo and ground chicken breast), scrambled egg whites, diced potatoes, green chilies, diced tomatoes, and a tiny bit of mashed black beans. And bacon. Bacon is the key ingredient in these little jewels. (I use uncured bacon - much, much better for you than that turkey stuff! Ditch the turkey! Eat real (uncured) bacon!). So... I cooked up the meat, the potatoes, the egg whites, mixed in all my tomatoes and green chilies, set up my assembly line and started filling burritos. I had two trays done and was about to begin the third when I turned and saw...

two packets of unopened bacon on the counter. 

You have got to be kidding me. 

I forgot the bacon. DRAT!! Everything stopped while I went back to the stove and made the bacon - and of course, being in a hurry I gave myself more than a couple grease-pop burns. Finally, bacon cooked, drained and ready, I had to reopen each burrito and stick a slice of bacon in it. Ermergerd!!!! At last, they went into the oven to bake, then after cooling I separated them into singles and twos, wrapped and tossed them in the fridge for everyone to grab when they wanted them. Oy!!

Then it was time to make the stuffed peppers... I chopped up a container of brown mushrooms, a green pepper, a red pepper, a red onion and added that to the meat (half lean ground beef, half ground chicken breast). Boiled up some brown rice, added green chilies & chopped cilantro and mixed it all together.

I stuffed the peppers, topped each with 1 Tbsp crumbled feta, and put each in its own ziploc steamer bag, then into a tray and into the fridge. Guess what I'm eating for lunch this week ;-)  [lots of stuffed pepper recipes here:]

Also on the menu is a fun shrimp & scallop dinner, a beef roast (which is marinating in the fridge), and beef-stuffed ravioli (found a clean brand at my grocery store). Everything will be accompanied by the usual steamed veggies (zucchini, broccoli, asparagus) and salad.

My snack shrimp are also marinating (1 tsp olive oil, 4 cloves garlic minced, 1/2 lemon juiced, 2 Tbsp chopped cilantro).

Now, at the end of the day, my kitchen is clean and food is all put away and ready for when we need it. Yay! Bring on the week!


  1. Hi Chelle

    That food looks delicious I wish you could come to the UK and supervise my food prep lol My question (which made be stupid) is how do I know if the Cherizo is clean ? I thought it was the devils food fat wise ??

    Any help much appreciated