Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's UP?? Random updates...

The days are getting crazier, my brain is getting foggier, my bank account is getting smaller... must be getting close to the wedding! LOL! Seriously, though, it's just around the corner! In a few days, I'll be able to say it's next month! YIKES!

Shiloh's gown is being altered, as is mine. Bethany needs no alterations as she's tall enough to wear a long gown, lol, same with Ariel. Shi and I both have 6 inch heels with our dresses, but still need a whopping amount of material chopped from the hems. Oh the joys of being short ;-)

I've started to build The Emergency Kit - I've picked up shoe cushions, strap cushions, safety pins, travel-size hair spray and stain spray, etc and am packing it away in our "Venue" box. Any suggestions ya'll have for what should go in there, I'm listening ;-)  The venue is far enough from home that it'd be a PITA (pain in the a$$) to have to go back for something, so the more prepared we are, the better. I'm thinking mini-wine bottles? Lol.

Of course, we've got the wedding-coordinator from Heaven on point with pretty much everything. I'tella'you'what.... we'd be lost without Mollie! She's amazing! And with all her hard work, it's going to be a beautiful day. I'm going to need waterproof everything. And tissue. Lots of tissue.

In addition to all that fun stuff, I got my car out of the auto-hospital yesterday - yay!!! No more rental!!! Yay!!! Bethany is all healed up from her bruises and aches, another big Yay! She's also finishing up the summer portion of her graduate-early classes. Whew!

In an odd turn of events... I mentioned before that my son's dog had escaped his backyard and was picked up and taken to the shelter. Well, remember that they wouldn't release him until Joey authorized them to neuter him?  Joey did, they did, Joey and Winchester came home to recover (lol), and then Joey had to travel for work, so Winnie spent some time here this last week. We noticed something... strange (in addition to a nasty cough - booo!), so I took him in to see his regular vet.

The vet took him back, examined him, came back out to talk to me and just stopped. He opened his mouth to speak, and stopped. He looked so confused that I was becoming alarmed. He finally said, "So... when the shelter fixed your dog...."  "Yes?" I replied.  "Well.... Ummm... They missed one."  Eh? "Missed one what?" I asked. "A nut."  "A nut." I responded blankly. "Yes, they left one behind."  Much comedy and drama ensued, and we eventually came to grips with the fact that the shelter screwed up - big time.

We've all been spouting off one-liners, trying to one-up each other, about this strange and hilarious situation. And yes, Winnie's has a new nickname. Just one, though. (snicker, snicker)

In other news, I've been playing with a variety of recipes - having way too much fun in the kitchen - and it's all due to a fabulous new book I picked up... And for my endurance-athlete friends, this is a resource you should check out! Feed Zone Portables by Biju Thomas & Allen Lim. Here's the website. I was thrilled to find a resource for endurance event nutrition (anyone tired of goo??), and before I was a quarter way through this book, I'd gone online to order the other one! Excellent information and recipes!!

And while the recipes in the book are phenomenal, ya'll know me... I can't leave anything alone ;-) Inspired by Thomas & Lim's work, I'm coming up with my own versions of "portables", testing them on my family & friends, and of course - running around like a mad scientist in the grocery store while talking to myself, "What if I put this together with that, then stuffed it with...  OH!!! And what if I..."  Lol! Then I get home, whip on my apron and create chaos - it's fun!

The first of my portable recipes was this week's Recipe of the Week (view here). The next one up you'll see on Tuesday, and it's incredible! YUM!!!

The other good news associated with discovering that book is that I have finally conquered my rice cooker! Woot! You might remember that I have a slight... issue... with cooking appliances. Not crockpots, of course - I'm the Queen - no, the EMPRESS of the Crock Pot, haha. However, breadmakers and rice cookers elude me. (And toasters. Don't get me started on toasters.) I've gone rounds with those machines until I finally gave up and tossed them in the cabinet. Here I am a year later, and voila! My rice maker suddenly does what it's supposed to! What the heck? Maybe it's time to try the breadmaker again, too...

Nah, that's just tempting fate ;-)

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