Monday, July 1, 2013

A Day In My Kitchen...

If you know just one single thing about me, it's probably that I love to be in the kitchen. I enjoy creating new recipes, tweaking old ones, and just generally playing with my food. It's my joy, my passion. One of my favorite things is to use my recipes to show people that clean eating can taste amazing. Ever wonder what it's like in my kitchen on a recipe day? Here's your chance to find out ;-)

Today I developed and tested three new recipes. That's actually a lot for one day - for me, but my brain wouldn't shut up. So, this morning I did some work, crunched some nutritional numbers, made my lists and hit the store. I hunted and gathered my ingredients, then scurried back home to get started.

Test Recipe 1. I preheated the oven, set out my stuff and put on my apron (that's when  you know I'm serious - or messy - could go either way). I sprayed my muffin tin, and put the spray oil away. I pressed my tortillas into the muffin tin cups, then set about cooking the chorizo (recipe here). While the chorizo cooked, I started up my rice cooker for Recipe #2 - I added 1 cup sushi rice and 1 cup sprouted bean mix, added the water, closed the lid (it won't work unless I close the lid - I did find that out, lol), and pressed the button (yay for easy!).

Chorizo cooked, I strained it then set aside what I needed for this recipe (I made 2 with chorizo today). I immediately washed and dried my pan & spatula, then put them away. I added the stuff to the muffin cups, sprinkled on some cilantro then slipped the pan into the oven and set the timer. Timers are a wonderful invention - and when I remember to use them they magically prevent kitchen fires. Just saying.

While the muffin tin baked, I washed down my counter, cleaned and dried my utensils, then I started laying out what I needed for Recipe 2. Out came the cooking oil, I sprayed the baking dish, then put the oil away again. The rice cooker completed its cycle, so I scooped out the rice/beans and spread them into the baking dish. I worked the layers, spreading as I went until the dish was full and the timer went off for my muffin tin (see? no kitchen fire today!).

Out came the muffin tin to cool on a wire rack, and back I went to the casserole. I covered it with foil and popped it in the oven, setting the timer, then washed and dried my bowls and utensils then put them away. While the casserole baked, I washed the rice cooker, then started a 2nd batch - this one just sushi rice, but I added apple juice to the liquid (and prayed it wouldn't crystallize or anything bizarre) in the cooker. I once again wiped down my counters, then started prepping Recipe 3.

I cored and peeled my apples, discarded the stuff, then rinsed my counter and cutting board. I diced the apples, then rinsed, dried and put away my knife. I got out a big pot, added what I needed, tossed in the apples, then rinsed, dried and put away my cutting board.

Are you seeing a pattern? 

Yes, I really am that incredibly anal retentive in the kitchen. Every item that gets used, immediately gets cleaned and put away. Why? Because if I don't do that I end up with an incredibly messy kitchen and no desire to tackle it - which then leads to me not wanting to be in my kitchen - or cook - because of the resulting mess and cleanup. However... if I clean as I go, when I'm done, I'm really done and the kitchen is clean. It makes the whole process much, much more enjoyable - though it does drive everyone in my house just a wee bit nuts. ;-) "Where'd my spoon go? I just used it?" Ummm... washed, dried and back in the drawer. LOL!

So... back to the kitchen... the casserole came out of the oven to cool, and Recipe 3 got put together then tossed in the oven. Recipe 1 was taste-tested (OMG - YUM!!!), then photographed, and put away (it is only through sheer iron willpower that there was anything left to put away - I should get an award).  Recipe 2 was taste-tested (this is so being dinner tonight! nom nom nom), then photographed and  put away.

I have just pulled Recipe 3 out of the oven and it is cooling... thanks again to that awesome little kitchen timer ;-)  And I can tell you that my house smells like heaven. I've got this whole apple-pie-yummy-goodness scent wafting through the rooms. Not gonna lie, it's making me salivate. Lol. If it tastes as good as it smells, then I'm 3 for 3 today - which is nothing short of a minor miracle!

And yes, it tastes as good as it smells ;-) Miracle achieved!
Needless to say, my counters are clean, everything is washed, dried and put away, and my children are once again assured of my undiagnosed OCD. All is well with the world. ;-)
Yeah, it's a really bad hair day. It's 118 outside and I've been cooking.  Lol!

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