Thursday, July 25, 2013

A little slice of insanity pie...

To say that life around here is crazy right now is like saying that ... well, see? My brain went blank. Crazy! I keep waiting for the men in white coats with butterfly nets to show up! Yeesh! Right in the midst of wedding planning (24 days!), and related crisis', we decided it was a great idea to put an offer in on a house - our first ever home purchase. Oh, and I'm getting my youngest enrolled and registered for the new school year (dual enrollment, college and HS), and work, and general life... it's all adding up to the sticker I think is pasted to my forehead, "Certifiable". ;-)

Normally, I multitask like a champ. I can do food prep, meal planning for clients, workouts, life management and more, all without ever dropping a ball (or at least not one that shatters). With everything we've got happening now, my multitasking ability is a bit... wonky.

I've done this... twice.
Those used to be brussel sprouts. TWICE in the last week I have placed them in the oven and forgotten about them. Then there were the egg cups. I wanted to boost the protein a bit, so I added more egg white. They overflowed - in the oven, spilling egg white all over the heating element and bottom of the oven. My house reeks. It's horrible. Burnt egg whites, burnt brussel sprouts... the stench is awesome (and not in a good way).

Today, things seem to be going ok (knock on wood). I had a great time this morning with a RockStar client working legs, then I ate my breakfast of Egg Cups without dropping any (my son's dog loved me yesterday). I even managed to bake my white fish without incident. The best part?
They came out perfect!! ;-)  What is my obsession with brussel sprouts? They're little bites of amazingness. I love them raw and shredded - they taste just like cabbage and I load them up in my salads, but roasted with olive oil, fresh garlic, pepper and a bit of sea salt and they are like my own personal crack-candy. I eat them hot, cold, in salads, on the side, straight out of the container. They're so yummy! ;-)

Of course, all this food prep today isn't because I need to do prep. It's to keep me distracted. The deadline for the offer is noon. I have never felt time move so slowly! ARGH!!! We are in the waiting phase of the game, so all I can do is sit here and watch the clock tick down. And cook. I can cook. And watch the clock.

17 more minutes.

Oh my!

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  1. Good luck with the house offer! The brussel sprouts (non-burnt version, lol) look amazing. I'm adding them to my list of veggies to prep for the week!