Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Becoming a Grown-Up... 98% Excited, 2% Scared. Or maybe it's 2% Excited and 98% Scared...

The last couple weeks, something has been going on in the background... The hubby and I have been having long heart-to-hearts, doing hours and hours of research, and a few key meetings. All leading to a huge scary/exciting/terrifying/thrilling-step we took yesterday.

We wrote a purchase contract on a house.

Now, some of you may be thinking that this is no big deal, but to us it's HUGE. We've never owned before. Ever. After horrid previous lives (past marriages) and the credit havoc they wrought, we never thought we could own. Pipe dreams. But... a couple years ago, an incredible bank officer took us under her wing and helped us repair and rebuild our credit. That coupled with my amazing husband's hard, hard work and subsequently healthy business, we find ourselves qualifiable (it's a word, cuz' I just used it in a sentence, lol).

The hubby has always desired home-ownership, but me... not so much. Along with the "we can never afford it", I had this mentality that it's so much better to be able to call the landlord to fix something than to be responsible for fixing it ourselves. Well that lasted many years - until we moved into the house we're renting now.

For the last 3 years, we've had a landlord who thinks he can fix anything himself... more often than not, leaving us with unfixed issues. Like having to go through the winter without heat because he insists he can fix it (he spent almost as much time at our house as he did his, and he couldn't fix it). As we transitioned from winter to spring, he finally gave up (hubby threatened to move us out) and called out a repairman. Then the AC went out. Like it does every summer. I have a stove top with only one and a half working burners, a refrigerator without water/ice, and a washing machine that growls and bounces. Those aren't really big deals right? Until you remember that we are PAYING for working appliances when we PAY RENT every month. And don't get me started on how much we've had to spend ourselves on the house and pool. Oy! He has his packages and mail delivered to our house - and he gets about 10 packages a day. The doorbell is constantly ringing. We look like hoarders. He has his furniture in the garage. It's been there for 3 years. And there's more... so much more.

So... when we discovered we might be qualified to buy, I was ready to embrace home-ownership. It's time to become a grown-up.

We set a tentative timeline (next Spring), and began searching the housing market. We spent many weekends driving areas, determining what and where we liked. I happily pinned kitchens and backyards. We've seen homes with amazing interiors and potentially good backyards - with traffic noise that drowns out all else, homes with amazing backyards and horrid interiors, homes that were just 'meh', homes that were waaaaay too far away from civilization... you get the idea. At one point last weekend, we looked at each other and said "This was supposed to be fun, right?".

Then this house came along. It's got a killer backyard with room for the improvements we want to make. It's in an ideal location for us. It's private. It's in a great neighborhood. But... it's purple and the inside looks like the architect was on acid. No joke. There are walls in strange places, a bedroom jack-n-jill'd to the Master bedroom, a fireplace in the most ridiculous spot, about 8 different ceiling heights, 4 different flooring types, and a solid wood front door - where the back slider should be. Odd doesn't begin to cover it.

It's perfect! LOL! We've gone through the house 3 times and boy have we got plans! This would be remodel-central, but when we're done it would be exactly what we want! We spent the last 2 days haunting Home Depot and Lowes (and Pinterest and Houzz). We've picked out our granite, our wood flooring, our backsplash, tile, paint, redesigned the kitchen and living room... we are so ready for this! Crazy? Yes, yes we are.

Our Realtor sent us the contract last night and we pored over it, reading each and every line (not understanding them all, though, lol). It was a jolt to see the COE date as August 28th. OMG. Talk about a reality check! If all goes well, we could be homeowners next month??? What???? Did we fall into a parallel universe??  Oh, and by the way... the wedding is August 17th. Just in case anyone thought we weren't certifiably insane. ;-)

Of course, we can't move in until certain work is complete, so we're still in this rental for a few more months at least.

We filled out all the paperwork, signing, initialing, providing blood and DNA samples (lol), and the offer was submitted this morning. Now we're on pins and needles waiting to hear back. We'll see what we see, and roll from there. But of course, our hopes are high :-)

Ever since the moment yesterday afternoon when we said, "Let's do it," my stomach has been full of butterflies. I'm excited. I'm scared. I'm excited. I'm scared. I feel like that scene in Armageddon where Owen Wilson is getting strapped into the rocket. LOL! Ready for take off!
Wish us luck!!!!!

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