Monday, July 29, 2013

Coming up for air...

Life has become a perpetual whirlwind around here. What were we thinking??? A wedding in 19 days, two daughters starting school (ugh, college tuition and books!), and buying a house - all at the same time? Crazy! And though it's insanely stressful, we're having a blast!

Bill and I spent the weekend planning and dreaming, researching and pricing out those plans and dreams (and trimming accordingly, haha), and then took a few hours yesterday to do nothing but float around in the pool. It was fun ;-) The wedding is coming along, we're simply awaiting a final headcount (really, why do people wait until the deadline to RSVP??) then (gulp) we have to pay the final bill to the venue. One daughter's tuition is paid, waiting on a back-ordered textbook, the other daughter's tuition is due on the 6th. And we're slated to close on the house (cross your fingers) on the 28th, a mere 11 days after the wedding. Then, once it closes we'll be diving headfirst into renovations. We hope to move in November 1st.

Financially it's all terrifying. In almost every other aspect, it's thrilling! Our home inspections are this Wednesday - so I'll be heading over to the salon with Shiloh to pick up her wedding gown (alterations complete!), then on to the house to get the inspection reports. Not sure when the appraisal is taking place. Then back home to start putting together our various Wedding Day bags... one for the florist (mason jars), one for the venue (candles, etc), one for us girls (makeup, emergency kit, etc). We'll be making our final lists as soon as we have a firm number on how many tables, then hitting up JoAnn's and Michael's for the last minute stuff (flower weights and LED lights).

With all the expenses we're facing, I have banned myself from the following stores (and their websites) for the next 30 days... Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Sur la Table, Sephora, Whole Foods, Etsy, and Amazon. Goodbye dear friends, I will miss you. lol. 

I cannot believe the wedding is almost here! The bachelor and bachelorette parties are next week! Holy cow! It's going to be so good to see all our family - it's been way too long! We met with the DJ and Shiloh and Jared finalized all their music choices. It was sweet to see that she borrowed several from my wedding to Bill 7 years ago :-) Let me tell you, that was an emotional moment!

I know ya'll want to see photos of the house - and I want to share them, but we're waiting until escrow closes. Don't want to jinx it, lol. But... once it's ours, you'll be inundated with photos ;-)

I had a major breakthrough happen today at the gym.... I did 3 full sets of shoulder presses, machine assisted pull ups and tricep dips! OMG!!! Yes, the shoulder twinged, but it wasn't the disabling pain I've lived with for so long! Woooohooo!!!! Progress & hope!  AND.... my asthma is completely back under control - which is fantastic because I'm doing so much cardio right now (wedding prep). I am thrilled with my new supplement routine and definitely credit it with the gains I've made. Thanks, Vitamin Dave!!!

Anti-Inflammatory Pre-Workout Stack 
 Devil's Claw (pre-food)
 Fish Oil (instead of the Omega 3,6,9 blend)
 Orac-Energy Greens (view product)
 Turmeric (added to food)

... and for my asthma...
 Quercetin & Nettles
 MRM L-Carnitine + CoQ10 (view product)
 Coleus Forskolli
 Coconut Oil or MCT oil (1 teaspoon)

 ... add caffeine if you want to boost it.

Happy Monday, folks!!! Check back tomorrow for a super yummy new Recipe of the Week! ;-)


  1. Hi Chelle, would you mind sharing Vitamin Dave's email address?
    Thanks, Jenni

    1. Hi Jen, Here's his facebook page. It's under construction as yet, but you can contact him through that. He's a fount of helpful information! :-)