Monday, July 8, 2013

Minions, Madness, Munchies, and NEW Supplements

Happy Monday, ya'll! Was anyone else as not-ready to greet Monday after the long holiday weekend as I was? Lol. Bright and early last Thursday, we packed up the car to head to San Diego. I got to use my new 6Pack cooler for the first time! Woot! I stuffed it full of yummy munchies - (clean) sandwiches, bags of chicken breast, carrots, ranch, peanut butter, celery, radishes, seeds & nuts, dried fruit, beef jerky, string cheese and lots of ice tea (unsweetened). I don't know what it is about road trips, but they flip the hungry switch in my head and I could literally eat constantly, all day long. Oy!

San Diego was beautiful! Bill and I both used to live there, and it's nice that it's so close so we can get an ocean-fix when we need it ;-)  It's particularly nice that our daughter's fiancee got stationed there (Miramar) - we are very, very grateful!

Thursday we checked into our hotel, and with Jared (Shiloh's fiance) joining us, we headed to the beach to watch the holiday fireworks. Fun! And COLD - facing 118-125 degree heat this last week, then dropping into the humid low 60's was a shock to us thin-bloods.

Friday and Saturday were packed as we drove all over San Diego county checking out apartment complexes for the soon to be newlyweds. ALL OVER SAN DIEGO, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Ermergerd! I think we all got a little cabin-fever, though we did have a lot of fun, too. And the kids choices were fully in line with what the parents liked/wanted for them ;-)

It's still surreal, but we're really excited for them as the prepare to set up housekeeping and create their own home.

To celebrate seeing the last apartment, we grabbed dinner then headed to the theater to watch Despicable Me 2 - MINIONS!!! Woot!!! I love minions!!! I want minions!!!  Shiloh has mastered minion-speak, and kept us entertained after the movie.

Sunday, we slept in (yay!) then packed up, said goodbye to Jared, and drove home. Home, where we had left the AC off to save energy (yes, we should have left it on, just set high - we know this now, lol). It was 105 inside the house. Again, Ermergerd!! We quickly unpacked, I brewed a pitcher of ice tea (we're addicted to peach flavor), and we all donned swimsuits and crawled into the pool. I think the house finally reached normal temp around 2am.

On the physical front, I've been battling a full flare since last Wednesday. This one took me by surprise as I've been doing really well on my new supplement regimen. I kept track throughout, and there are some marked differences to my usual inflammation flare ups - I maintained really good range of motion, which is unheard of for me during a bout. Yes, my joints are on fire, I feel like I'm made of glass, but I can still move. Like normal for a flare, everything hurts, throbs and stabs. But... I can move. Another difference is that I don't feel like my core temp is out of control - yay for no hot flashes accompanying inflammation (fyi, I'm post-menopausal by many, many years). And, my pH levels are higher than they were two weeks ago, and on an upward climb (7-7.5 is normal but I was at 5-5.5 when I started, which is crazy low-bad).

I stuck with my supplements even while traveling, and I believe they've made a huge difference just in the couple weeks (now starting week 3) I've been taking them. What am I taking? I've shared before that I take several supplements (Multi-Vitamin, Vit C, Essential Fatty Acids - omegas 3,6,9, Chondroitin/Glucosamine/MSM, Vitamin D and Hyaluronic Acid). Well, I recently met the Guru of Vitamin-ology, David Katcef. Anything you ever want to know about supplements, this is the guy to ask! He knows his stuff and he can explain it so it makes sense to the rest of us ;-)

We got to chatting, and after grilling me like a steak, lol, he made some recommendations... the first set is added to my regimen to help fight inflammation (and again, it's working, I'm sticking with it); the second set is a pre-workout stack that is so effective, my husband started taking it, too! And... because I'm seeing such great results, I am sharing David's recommendations with you :-)

Anti-Inflammatory  Pre-Workout Stack 
 Devil's Claw (pre-food)
 Fish Oil (instead of the Omega 3,6,9 blend)
 Orac-Energy Greens (view product)
 Turmeric (added to food)

... and for my asthma...
 Quercetin & Nettles

 MRM L-Carnitine + CoQ10 (view product)
 Coleus Forskolli
 Coconut Oil or MCT oil (1 teaspoon)

 ... add caffeine if you want to boost it.

If you live with a severe inflammatory disorder, I encourage you to try David's recommendations. I am happily stunned at the differences in my body, even while experiencing an inflammation burst, and am hopeful for even greater results as I continue to take these supplements. And for someone living with daily pain, hope is quite powerful in and of itself.

Happy Monday! ;-)


  1. I bought these supplements because of all of the benefits they offer. The fact of the matter is it's just way too much energy. I found myself jumping all day.

    1. You can always scale back the dosage on them. Some folks are more sensitive than others. Me? I can handle an elephant's dose of caffeine without blinking, lol, but with these, I don't even need to add the caffeine. :-)

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