Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On a Roll...

Or rolling down the hill... could go either way ;-)

Today was... odd. Super productive, for sure, but... odd. Here's how it all started - Ironically, I slept in. Crazy talk, I know, but it was awesome! I hopped out of bed, sucked down a couple cups of coffee, worked, worked, worked, then tossed on my workout clothes and headed to the gym.

A note about heading to the gym... I am not that girl who slathers on makeup and perfume beforehand. I am, however, the girl who wraps her head in a do-rag, slaps on some moisturizer, tosses on her gym clothes and runs out the door. Perfume? NO. Deodorant? YES.  I'm the scary looking makeup-less chick wearing a handkerchief on her head. I'm there to work, not look good. Though I am there to work to look good ;-)

So... I did what I needed to do at the gym, and while climbing the stairmaster was struck with recipe-inspiration. Lol.  When I was done, I de-germ'd my machine, removed the obvious layer of sweat from my skin, then dashed to the grocery store. Let me remind you what I looked like before the gym... now you can imagine what I look like after the gym. Visual in place? Good. I run in, grab a small hand-basket, and start tossing things in.  And then I got a weird feeling. Like I was being watched. I peeked up and sure enough... at the end of the aisle stood a man with a shopping cart - an empty shopping cart. Staring. Straight at me.

A little unsettled, I returned to my shopping. Aisle 2. Weird feeling. I look up... same guy at the end of my aisle simply staring at me. This went on for 2 more aisles. I did an end-run around the next aisle and headed straight to the register. I took a deep breath, relieved to escape, and began running my items through the self-checkout. Creepy feeling. Hair on the back of my neck standing up. Guess who was standing 10 feet away staring at me? {insert heebeejeebiee-shakey-shiver here!}  Guess who ran like a bat outta hell to her car, then drove utilizing extreme evasive maneuvers all the way home? LOL!

By the way, it wasn't like he was 'checking' me out. More like he was trying to figure out if I'd fit in his crockpot or if he'd need the big smoker. CREEPY!

Back safely home (with all the doors locked), I refueled, then started in on my recipe ideas. After setting out all my stuff, I realized I was home alone. Happy Dance!! Now... let me share with you what a very bad idea it is to assume that just because you are home alone, you will stay home alone...

Because I was so fired up to get started, I washed my hands & arms, then instead of taking the time to go shower and dress, I threw an apron over my gym clothes, popped my ear buds in and cranked my tunes, then got to work.

I prepped, I cooked, I tasted (well, I had to, right? lol), and I grooved and jived as I pleased. I released my inner dance-maniac and stirred my pot while I swiveled my hips. And then...

Tap Tap on the shoulder.

There is now a hole in the ceiling just above the stove.

My daughter and her boyfriend were here to watch a movie... and ended up getting a different kind of show, including the final act we will simply call "Psycho Terror". Oh dear.

Now, the food is all put away, the kitchen wiped down, I've cleaned up and changed into more gym clothes and am about to hit the weights... let's hope that nothing else happens today here in Strangeville... I don't think my nerves could take it!

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